4 Ways Kids Can Be Excited About STEM with Educational Games and Activities

March 30, 2020 / Parent Resources

“We will always have STEM with us. Some things will drop out of the public eye and will go away, but there will always be science, engineering, and technology.
And there will always, always be mathematics.” – Katherine Johnson

The world is changing at a breathtaking pace due to current events, and we want our kids to be prepared for the future. STEM educational games is expected to continue to be a big part of it. Regardless of whether your kid will consider a formal career in these disciplines, hands-on STEM learning can help develop a whole host of skills crucial to navigating future career. Since these concepts often involve real-world applications, they can help boost skills such as:

  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Critical thinking
  • Spatial understanding
  • Leadership

Early exposure to these topics is important to ensure that kids get a well-rounded education. As kids grow and interests become more focused, play and stimulation are key to holistic learning, are in danger of getting lost and STEM education for kids can help children gain a better understanding of the world and adapt to change more easily through resources such as creative games.

So how do you get your kids hooked in STEM?

There is no need for complex equipment or even books to get started. Given that kids are born explorers and experimenters, parents can simply harness their natural curiosity, nurture it, and help them hone their skills through:

1.Nature walks

You might think nature has nothing to do with math, engineering or technology. But you will be surprised at what the backyard, the park, or the great outdoors with all its grass, sticks, water, bugs, dirt, and soil will teach your kids about STEM. They can explore engineering concepts simply by stacking rocks or learn geometry by going on a fractal hunt. There is no dearth of outdoor activities that can serve as inspiration to learn, making even downtime constructive.

2.Games and toys

Educational toys for kids can be fun and ‘fun’ is a crucial element in sparking long-term interest in just about anything when it comes to kids. Not only are they an endless diversion, they can serve as incredible learning tools. There are a ton of science-rich, math-based, technology-oriented toys that make learning STEM both doable and entertaining through exploratory play and guided play. Osmo learning system’s coding games that help kids learn to code block by block, solve puzzles, and even make music through coding, perfect to develop computational thinking. Or Tangram, where your kids can determine which tiles go where when they look at a picture, honing their problem solving and visual-spatial reasoning skills.


Events offer excellent interactive learning opportunities for kids. Keep abreast of what’s happening in the locality – in schools, museums, local community centers, science centers, and planetariums. Activities in these spaces can instill a sense of curiosity, encourage questions, and evoke interest in STEM careers.


Activities that involve molding, building, and interacting with various elements and fun puzzles for kids are better ways to exercise creation, a staple in STEM, over studying from books. All you need are things lying around the house to sneak in a lesson while making silly putty or magnetic slime or fractions bingo.Start simple, start small. It is never too early to get your children started with interactive educational games­­ or activities to foster an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.