Kids Learning Games and Apps for Kids

April 26, 2021 / Q&A

The ongoing pandemic might have made it hard for your little one to focus on their studies. We’ve listed some of the best kids learning games to keep children entertained while they develop core skills through play!

What Are Some Great Games to Play With 1-5-Year-Olds?

Play Osmo

Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit (for kids ages 3-5) engages preschoolers in core subjects with 4 hands-on games.

  • ABCs: Build letters with squishy, colorful Sticks & Rings
  • Squiggle Magic: Create anything you want with Sticks & Rings and watch them come alive on screen
  • Costume Party: Make party outfits and watch characters react to them
  • Stories: Navigate adventures by finding silly solutions to problems

Shop Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit today! It’s one of the best educational apps for preschoolers.

Number Bowling

Here’s one of the best learning games for kids. All you need is a few recycled containers, a ball, pencil and paper. Arrange all your containers in a line and then have your child try and knock them down with a ball. They then need to create a number sentence. For example, if they’ve managed to knock down 6 containers from the 10 present, the equation would be 10 – 6 = 4.

If writing number sentences is a bit challenging for your young ones, you could simply help them count the remaining containers.

Alphabet Hunt

Once your child is familiar with the letters of the alphabet, have them sift through a bin of colorful spaghetti to find a few letters! For example, you could say A, and just have them search the letter in the bin. If they’re a bit older, you could say Apple and then ask them to find the first letter of the word.

Play House

Help your little one create a fort or building using a cardboard box. The house could have an entrance and an exit for your kids to go through. Pretend play of this kind is a great way to hone your child’s understanding of the real world.

What Games Are Suitable for a 1-Year-Old Boy?

Playing with toy vehicles is one of the best kids learning games for 1-year-old boys. As children move the vehicle around, they’re actually building their motor skills and hand-eye coordination too. Building blocks is yet another great activity for little boys.

What Are the Best Indoor Children’s Games?

If you’re looking for educational iPad games, shop Osmo! For alternatives to digital-physical games for kids, you could play the following:

Scavenger Hunt

This is for older kids who’ve learned how to read. They’d need to read a clue and hunt for the item around the house!

Balancing Beam

In this game, kids are able to greatly improve their motor skills. All you have to do is stick tape of different colors on the floor. Each tape must read a different rule. For example, the red tape could read “hop on one leg”, and so on.

Board Games

For example, Scrabble is a great way to improve your child’s word power! You could even play board games that include rolling the dice to test your child’s math skills.

Follow the Leader

Like the name of the game suggests, all your kids need to do is look at their leader and follow their every move. This game improves your child’s observational skills.

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