Kickstart Creativity Through Art Games for Kids

June 28, 2021 / Parent Resources

How do children demonstrate creativity? They do it by exploring objects around them and engaging in pretend play. Since kids are innately creative, you can further harness this creativity through art games for kids.

Guess the Scribble

This is one of the best art games for kids. First, a child must draw a scribble on the board. Another child comes forward and turns the scribble into an object. Whoever guesses what the object is wins the round.

Visual Communications

Get the kids to pair up for this game. One of the players must draw a simple diagram of what they want the other player to do. They can use arrows to display directions, but drawing words and letters isn’t allowed.

Put it in a Jar

Here’s one of the most fun art games for kids. In this game, kids must first draw a jar without a lid. They then get 2 minutes to “fill” the jar with whatever they can think of. They could draw candy, chocolate, and even random things like coins, buttons, pebbles, and so on.

Dot Pictures

This game doesn’t require any drawing or doodling. All you have to do is make a few hole punches on paper. Then, save those dots and have your child make a pattern or a picture by gluing those dots together!

Draw with Dice

Assign each number (1-6) to a certain image. For example, 1 = ball. 2 = tree, 3 = sun, 4 = plant, 5 = shirt. You could assign more difficult images depending on your child’s age. Next, ask your child to roll a die. They must draw whatever image that corresponds to that particular number.

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