Keeping Fit During COVID-19: Fitness Game for Kids

April 5, 2021 / Parent Resources

Has the pandemic made your little one a little moody or sluggish? Indoor exercises could help your child blow off some steam. Here are some fitness games for kids that can do wonders for your child’s physical and mental health.

Kids Yoga: Fun Fitness Games for Kids

Your little one might sulk when you mention they need to exercise. With some kid-friendly yoga an fun fitness games for kids, working out can be fun! First, sit up straight in a cross-legged position with your child. Then, place your hands on your knees with your palms facing up. Then, breathe in and out deeply. This is the easiest yoga pose. Another yoga pose your child might like is “airplane” an fitness games for children. For this pose, lie flat on your belly, lift your chest, arms, and legs, and breathe deeply. Finally, you can try “elephant” pose. For this pose, stand up straight, bend forward, interlace your hands and swing them side to side — like an elephant’s trunk! 

Dance an Preschool Fitness Games:

While you’re staying at home, why not choreograph a fun dance an indoor fitness games routine with your little one? Come up with moves to their favorite song and practice until you’ve perfected the routine. You can even create a music video of you and your little one. A good dance session can improve flexibility, agility, and overall balance and spatial awareness. You can even use an iPad learning game – Osmo’s Coding Jam – to create music to dance using code which could be the best preschool fitness games!

Balloon Volleyball-Indoor Fitness Games:

This indoor fitness games will really get your child moving! First, you’ll need to blow a balloon and throw it in the air. Then, your little one will need to run around and keep kicking the balloon up to prevent it from touching the ground. This fitness games for children is a great way to release energy and stress while staying active indoors.

Between-Lesson Exercise-Preschool Fitness Games:

Studying for hours on end can make your child restless. How about including some fun exercises an indoor fitness games in between each work session? Every 30 minutes, you could ask your child to stretch, do jumping jacks, or even run in place. Exercise gives kids a mental break that makes it easier for them to get back to their studies.

For things to do during lessons, make sure to check out Osmo’s stem educational games an preschool fitness games that blend learning and fun!

Jump Rope Skipping-Fitness Game for Kids:

This activity strengthens the muscles, improves balance, and even increases mental alertness. Your child might enjoy learning tricks like one-foot jumps, alternating jumps, and crossovers. Add to the workout fun by playing energizing music. If you don’t have a jump rope at home, your child can even skip an imaginary rope.

Weight Resistance Exercise: Preschool Fitness Games

Simple weight resistance exercises include lifting water bottles and doing wall pushups. You can even ask your kids to balance books in both hands for an additional challenge! Make sure to start with some light aerobic activities to warm up the muscles, and take sufficient rest when required. These exercises improve the metabolic rate and stamina.

Superhero Workout: Fun Fitness Games for Kids

Fun fitness games for kids: Make colorful capes for your little ones and send them on a superhero mission. The mission can be as elaborate as an indoor scavenger hunt with clues, or as simple as a game of chase where you’re the monster they need to get away from! You can even ask the kids to create a scary monster mask for you using craft paper and paint.

If you’re looking for online superhero games, check out Osmo’s Disney educational toys for kids!

Exercise Charades-Preschool Fitness Games:

Turn charades into a workout! For this preschool fitness games, write down actions like “ride a bike,” “swim,” and “play basketball” and ask the kids to act them out! Physical activity is an awesome mood booster that keeps kids energized the whole day.

We hope these fun games for kids can help keep your little ones stay active during the pandemic. Physical activity combined with healthy eating practices are essential for their mind and body during this time. For more fitness game for kids, check out the rest of our website.