Introducing Coding Starter Kit, the Easiest Way to Learn the Essential 21st Century Skill

July 28, 2020 / Company News

Parents are playing an even larger role in their kids’ education this summer due to the cancellation of summer camps and other programming. Many parents have turned to fun learning games to keep their kids’ days busy and minds active. Fun coding games for kids are growing in particular because it’s never been more important for kids to learn to code.

In a world where everything is linked to technology, coding is quickly becoming this century’s essential skill. But did you know that just 2 in 5 U.S. schools offer computer science classes with coding or programming? Access to digital literacy programs in Canada is similarly uneven.

So, how can parents ensure their kids have the tools to succeed in an ever more digital world? For one thing, they can support computer science learning at home! Interactive coding games are an easy way to help your child learn to think like a programmer.

Introducing Coding Starter Kit

Osmo’s new Coding Starter Kit is designed to help kids build coding skills block by block. Wherever your kids are in their STEAM education, these games will keep them engaged and entertained. Here’s how this latest addition to the Osmo interactive learning system teaches coding skills in progression:

The learning journey begins with Coding Awbie. In this game, kids join Mo the Monster to search for delicious strawbies to eat. Players use physical blocks of code to program Mo’s movements on the screen, learning coding basics along the way.

Next, your child will arrange coding blocks into patterns, sequences and loops to produce original music in Coding Jam. This code game for kids lets players explore the creative side of coding by experimenting with over 300 musical sounds!

Finally, your child will master coding puzzles in Coding Duo, the kit’s most advanced game. In this game, players use strategy and pair programming to solve complex challenges as Mo and Awbie.

Overall, this starter kit makes coding fun and accessible. Better yet, it’s one of the few forms of coding education that doesn’t require a computer! If you’re looking for a fun coding game that will get your kids excited about computer science, you can’t go wrong with Coding Starter Kit.