Super Easy Ways to Teach Kids with Phonics Online Games

March 18, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

If you are the parent of a child who is just starting out reading, you have probably heard of phonics online games and all the related activities and interactive phonics activities your child is exposed to in school. But what is phonics games for kids and why is it important? Phonics is one way kids learn how to sound out words. Let’s say your child learns that the letter B makes the “ba” sound, as in “ball”. Next, he learns how to combine more letter sounds and spell “bag”. Kids that learn phonics interactive games early on can read fast and without any trouble. It gives them a head start in reading by helping them make sense of text, recognize word families, patterns, and base sounds.

How do you teach interactive phonics activities?

There are so many ways to teach phonics. Typically, in school your child will likely learn words with alphabet books, flash cards, and short story books by reading word-by-word. While that has its own importance, teaching kids phonics interactive games for kids at home can be made so much more fun and interesting with creative games and activities. The benefit? Not only is it easier to hold kids’ attention since it involves multi-sensory instruction through sight words, it can also go a long way in encouraging your kid to become a reader for life.

Gamify phonics interactive games:

Go the old-fashioned way and play a game of I Spy with your kids. All you have to do is find a couple of objects and put them in front of your child. Say you place a book, you can start by saying “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with B”. Your child then points out the object. It might take a little time for your child to fully understand the process, but it is sure to get him super stoked!  Osmo’s abc learning letters for kids is another great interactive phonics activities that gently introduces pre-readers to phonics by letting them build letters with squishy, colorful sticks and rings and interact with monster Mo.

Try an interactive phonics activities:

Activities where kids can use their hands and stretch their legs and practice building words are excellent ways to help kiddos link sounds with letters. Phonics games for kids Spell words out and ask kids to make letters using their arms and legs. Where more than one kid is involved, try an activity where they are given the opportunity to win. This activity could include uttering two words that begin with the same or different sounds. When you say two with the same sound, kids turn around, either facing you or away from you. When you say two that do not, kids stay put. Wait until the kiddos have had some time to process them before you move to the next round.

Get crafty with phonics interactive games:

There is nothing kids like more than getting their hands dirty with glitter and glue. Print out photos or cut images from magazines of objects, animals, etc., for every letter sound. Encourage kids to create a photo album by matching image with letters and then decorate them while sounding them out. All these interactive phonics activities give your children a stimulating language environment to practice their words. The idea is to keep it light and let them have fun. Now that you are armed with quite a few ideas, it is time to let the kids learning begin!