Kids Learn Best by Doing with Interactive Children Learning Games

March 25, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Times are changing, and so are interactive learning games for kids. As digital technology becomes a more persistent part of children’s lives, children learning games are becoming a key part of their development. AI (artificial intelligence) is presenting real opportunities, fusing the real world with the digital world through ipad learning games. In simple terms, these on-screen games use AI and computer vision to react to physical objects and provide an entertaining and immersive learning experience to kids. But why is combining technology with hands-on play so crucial? On the one hand, learning on the iPad is convenient and can expose kids to an extraordinary array of learning opportunities and knowledge sources, but it is more likely that children will grow up to be more idle and disinclined to work. Technology, on its own, can make your kids passive observers, and this can be detrimental to social, intellectual, physical, and emotional development. Conversely, when kids engage in meaningful, tangible experiences, they trigger the child’s instinct to learn, provide a means for sensory exploration, and allow for trial and error.

Osmo has leveraged this technology to allow drawing games for kids, move tiles and other objects around, and use blocks to control all the action that is happening on-screen. The mobile device understands your kid’s commands without touching or speaking to it, through a reflector that sees and reacts to everything that is within its field of view, creating a seemingly magical experience for kids. 

It is also incredibly useful because the digital element allows for mastery-based progression and personalized instruction, giving kids the freedom to learn at their own pace. These children learning games for kids act as tools to teach them multiple subjects like physics, science, art, geography, business, and more and encourage the development of cognitive and emotional intelligence. They develop a wide range of skills  such as:

  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • Confidence

Also, these top children learning games adapt to the learning stage of your tiny tots, presenting new challenges as your children grow or develop their skills and abilities. Here are some super-cool AI games that can maximize learning:

  • The Little Genius Starter Kit is a ipad learning games that fosters core developmental skills by combining the Montessori and Froebel learning methodologies with the personalization and adaptability of the digital world. It allows kids to take charge, make their own connections, and customize how tactile squishy pieces and costume elements become fragments of characters and letters online.
  • Another creativity-boosting AI game is the Osmo Super Studio Frozen 2 where kids put a marker to a sketchpad and enter the familiar digital world of Frozen 2! The game guides them with a narrative on how to create real-world drawings. It also gives kids the freedom to choose whether they want to accurately draw characters and develop their technical skills or use their creativity and manipulate characters based on their imagination. It is akin to CGI (computer generated imagery), giving kids a real-world introduction to how animators bring characters to life.
  • The classic Tangram has been reimagined with interactive ipad games to keep kids from backing out when the going gets tough. It provides kids with the encouragement to work through harder silhouettes with audio and visual feedback.  
    Your kids can play these games forever, the way they want. You can easily sit more than one kid around the iPad and have them engage in enjoyable learning experiences. You can also monitor your child’s development over time. These educational learning games are perfect for tailoring screen time and is a great way to stop kids from wasting time they would otherwise spend learning. So go on, pick one up today!