6 Indoor Thanksgiving Games for Kids of All Ages

November 25, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

To thank you for the love you’ve shown us this year, we’ve put together some thanksgiving games for kids to play that can be played at home!

Pin the Feathers on the Turkey: Fun Thanksgiving Games

Help your child cut out shapes from construction paper to make a turkey an fun thanksgiving games! You can also use Osmo’s interactive drawing games for kids – Masterpiece – to draw your turkey. Next, cut out a few colorful feathers so you and your kids can pin them on the turkey. You could also blindfold them so they can pin the feathers without peeking!

Color this turkey!

M&M Fun: Indoor Thanksgiving Games

Here is an image of a turkey with wings (in the shape of circles) Roll a dice; whatever number you get is the number of M&Ms you need to put on the circle. The faster you’re able to fill all the circles, the better! This indoor thanksgiving games is best enjoyed by 2 or more kids.

I Spy: Thanksgiving Games to Play

Count the number of items you see on this list and write the number next to the image an thanksgiving games to play- 

Madlibs: Fun Thanksgiving Games

This thanksgiving games for kids worksheet can test your child’s vocabulary! Fill the blanks with words that seem most suitable. If you’re looking for online interactive word games, Osmo’s Words is exactly what you need!

Memory Match Game: Fun Thanksgiving Games

Cut out images from this sheet an fun thanksgiving games, place them in random order (upside down) for your child, and have your kids flip each image over. They need to find the matching image in a specific amount of time!

Pumpkin Toss: Indoor Thanksgiving Games

Indoor thanksgiving games: Cut out a pumpkin from cardboard so your kids can toss balls through the mouth cutout! You could also allow kids to take turns tossing rings (or necklaces) around a real pumpkin. This thanksgiving games for kids could largely improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

We aim to help your little ones get into the holiday spirit this Thanksgiving with our fun thanksgiving games. Check out the rest of our website for online STEM games, coding games for kids, puzzle games, and several other educational games for kids of all ages.