5 Indoor Game Ideas to Teach Kids About Opposites

April 9, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Learning opposites improves a child’s ability to compare two different things. Here are a five indoor activity games for kids to teach kids about opposites!

Movement Activities: Indoor Activity Games for Kids

For this game, your little one will need to mimic your actions. Put your arms up and say “arms up!” and then put your arms down and say “arms down!”. Similarly, you could say “slow!” and walk in slow motion. Then say “fast!” and run on the spot. You could also open a drawer and say “open”, and then close it and say “close!”. After you’re done, test your kids and see how much they remember! This indoor activity games for kids will also introduce new vocabulary.

Opposite Game: Indoor Game Ideas for Kids

Looking for creative indoor game ideas to play with your child? Here’s one for you! Create flashcards with pictures of an elephant, mouse, fire, and ice. Then, jot down words like “big”, “small”, “hot”, and “cold”. Your little ones will need to match the word with the image. Other examples include sad and happy faces, dark and bright colors, and short and tall. You could add an element of fun to this activity by making a fun song of opposites!

The Discovery Game: Indoor Game Ideas

Game ideas for kids at home: You can have your child blindfolded so they can perceive the game better. Once they’re blindfolded, set up bowls with a variety of opposite pairs – cotton balls and rocks, for example. Your kids will need to touch and feel the object and then tell you what it is. Explain to them that cotton balls are soft, and rocks are hard. Similarly, you could place wet sand and dry sand in different bowls. You can also make your child taste something spicy and sweet!

Art and Craft: Indoor Activity Games for Kids

For this indoor activity games for kids, all you will need is some construction paper and color pencils. Help your little one make happy and sad masks, or draw a line in the middle of the paper for a day and night scene! The possibilities are endless. For more online fun drawing games for kids, check out Osmo’s Disney art studio game, Monster, and Masterpiece.

Story-Telling: Indoor Game Ideas

To further explain opposites, you could perform a skit or a story with several actions and opposites. After you’re done, make your child narrate a story with the same opposites. Older kids can even write a story. The more opposite terms they use, the better! You can include fun props to make this indoor game ideas activity more exciting.

Simon Says: Game Ideas for Kids at Home

Here’s a classic Simon Says game with a twist! Your child needs to do the exact opposite of what Simon says. (that’s you!) For example, when you say “Simon says sit down”, your kids will need to stand up. Similarly, when you say “Simon says stand up”, they need to sit down. You could state several other terms and make sure your kids do the exact opposite. This children’s indoor games ideas could be confusing but it will definitely make learning exciting!
With these indoor game ideas, learning opposites can be super fun and easy! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our website for more: indoor games for kids, active learning games and educational games for children.