How You Can Create a Fun Learning Experience for Your Child

July 1, 2021 / Parent Resources

It’s hard to get your child interested in science and math. The mere mention of these subjects might make them feel agitated. We completely get it. That’s why we’ve got some tips to help you create a fun learning environment for your kids.

Teach lessons outdoors

You must be wondering, “but won’t this distract my child?”; we assure you, it shall only enhance the learning experience. Teaching about evaporation, plant growth, and other science concepts is easier outdoors.

Even math can be made a lot more fun outdoors. Some fun learning games for kids to test your child’s addition and subtraction skills include hopscotch, and noughts and crosses (using stones!).

Similarly, you could even take a reading lesson outside, assuming it’s not too noisy.

Incorporate technology

Children are naturally drawn to technology; it enables them to play their precious video games after all! When you incorporate technology into your lessons too, children feel more engaged with the learning process.

Osmo’s tech-infused fun learning games for kids are everything you need to teach children core subjects through play.

Allow independent learning

Encourage your child to come up with their own ideas and thoughts. Kids are innately curious and creative; a great way to enhance those qualities is to let them learn independently. When kids feel like they have control over their learning, the experience becomes far more fun for them.

Some kids’ learning activities that encourage independent learning include: block play, pretend play, and doodling.

Take mini breaks

Sitting still for too long makes kids restless. Giving children a few minutes of downtime lets them refresh their minds; it helps them stay engaged with their learning process. Make sure that your kids get up and move around during these breaks.