How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

June 29, 2021 / Parent Resources

Since the pandemic has already resulted in a significant learning loss for students, you might worry about your children falling further behind during the summer break.

In fact, more than 97% of educators stated that they found students to be falling behind academically over the past year, as compared with students in the previous years.

To prevent more learning loss during the summer, we’ve put together some educational activities for kids at home:

Build a summer reading list

Make a list of books for your child to read during the summer break. Setting aside a little bit of time for reading every day could definitely help prevent summer learning loss. Once every few days, you could also test their vocabulary; Osmo’s Words game is an excellent way to do so! In this game, kids must arrange tangible letter tiles in front of their screens to solve creative word puzzles.

Find math all around you

Whether we like it or not, math is everywhere! It’s in the ingredients we measure for the food we make; it’s in the change we calculate while we pay the food delivery person; it’s sometimes in the clothes we count before we put them in the laundry basket! Have your child participate in all these activities every day. They won’t even realize they’re learning.

Test your child’s math skills with our Math Wizard games too.

Do a science experiment everyday

…or every alternate day if an experiment every single day is tiresome. You could make wonderful rainbow bubbles, a solar oven, and more.

Play board games

Prevent summer learning loss with some fun board games! Playing chess, catan, and scrabble help hone your child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. Additionally, board games for kids that involve rolling dice is a great way to develop math skills.

Try map activities

Education disruption during the summer can be prevented with engaging map games. You could make your own map puzzle, where your child needs to arrange the puzzle pieces to form the right map. Another great way to test their geography knowledge is by making flashcards; ask your child to match images of landmarks with the images of countries they belong to.

Another awesome one of the geography games for kids is Osmo’s Detective Agency. Beyond learning about geography and cultures, your child gets to hunt for missing clues and bust villainous thieves!