How to Make Distance Learning More Engaging

April 22, 2021 / Parent Resources

Your kids must be missing their friends and the regular routine of school. Hopefully, these distance learning activities might make your at-home classroom more engaging, and make your kids miss their normal routine a little less.

Take Brain Breaks

Distance learning requires your kids to stare at the screen for hours on end. Having a couple of brain breaks whenever possible could help refresh your child’s mind. You could make a spinner wheel using a paper plate, with various categories of exercises on it such as jumping jacks and silly dances! In the middle of their classes, whenever time permits, they could just spin this wheel and do whatever activity the wheel lands on.

Play Osmo

Osmo’s digital-physical online interactive games are perfect for distance learning. When you notice your child feeling drained with their online learning material, you could play Osmo with them! Because feedback and instructions are provided at each step, you won’t have to worry about supervising your kids. They’ll learn core skills like math, science, and drawing through hands-on play.

Listen to Music

Music could definitely be a part of your child’s remote learning program. Play some music either before or after classes, or maybe even between breaks if it’s possible. When your child listens to music, it soothes and even recharges them and it might even help them retain information quicker.

Have a Designated Work Space

Something that could make your child’s online distance learning experience better is a designated workspace. When kids have their own little space to study, they’re free from distractions and are able to concentrate a lot more. They could even make their own decisions regarding how they want their desk to be set up and the supplies they need!

We hope these tips help enhance your child’s remote learning environment. To take a look at our interactive educational activities, check the rest of our website.