How to Get the Third Fish Every Time in Numbers

August 11, 2020 / Educator Resources

Players can discover up to three different fish breeds on each level of Osmo’s numbers games for kids. The third fish is always the most interesting and fun, but it’s also the most challenging to unlock. Here are three tips for catching the third fish every time!

1. Maximize your score

Increasing your score is the key to unlocking fish! You can keep an eye on your score while playing by looking at the top right corner of the screen.

2. Keep the water low

Your Numbers game is over when the water reaches the top of your screen. Because it takes time to score points, you’ll want to extend your gameplay by keeping the water level low. Popping bombs and the electric and tornado bubbles boosts your score without changing the water level. If there’s a sponge, try to keep it at the top of the tank. It will absorb water after every turn and decrease the water level significantly!

3. Go for combos

The fastest way to earn points is by popping multiples bubbles at once in a combo. Wait until you have more than one active bubble with the same number. In the example above, there are three “6″ bubbles. By using three or more tiles, you’ll be able to pop all of the “6” bubbles at once for a 3x combo. Even better, popping the bubbles does not produce water drops, so your water level won’t change.