How Children Develop Thinking and Learning Skills

August 26, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Your kids begin to develop thinking and learning skills when they build brain connections. These brain connections are called neural pathways.

Neural pathways are like the wiring system or the circuits of the brain; the more input they receive, the more effectively they function. 

How can you provide more input to these neural pathways? Here’s how.

Learning through the senses

Kids develop thinking and learning skills in various stages. The first stage is when they use their senses, i.e sound, sight, taste, touch and smell. As kids continue to do activities like throwing objects, chewing things they see around them, and making different sounds to get attention, they develop their neural pathways.

Learning through language

Exposing your child to more ideas and words can help your child develop more neural pathways. A great way to build your child’s vocabulary is through Osmo’s Words game!

Learning through logic

Learning critical thinking skills comes gradually to children. As they learn to see things through different perspectives and begin to think more logically, their neural pathways further develop.

Learning through reasoning

The older your child gets, the more likely they are to think about the impact of their actions and decisions. At this stage, they figure out possible outcomes of situations and learn to think more deeply about things. Building reasoning skills in this way can further build neural pathways too.

By introducing your child to newer experiences and encouraging them to explore the world, you can greatly improve their thinking and learning skills. The goal is to continually power their brain circuits (aka neural pathways) and keep them flexible.

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