How a senior curriculum manager at Osmo gets it done

October 3, 2022 / Learn About Osmo

Claire Galdun is the senior curriculum manager at Osmo from BYJU’S, who oversaw the educational design of Reading Adventure. We asked her what an average workday looks like for her.

Location: Bay Area, CA

Before my workday: I have two kids – the younger one, Everton, is 10 months old and Alisdair, the older one, is three. I usually get up around 6 am with Everton and then we read stories and play until 7 am. That’s when we get his older brother up so he can have breakfast and start his day. After breakfast, Everton and I drop Alisdair off at preschool and head home to begin our day.

I start with conversations with colleagues at 9 am: My favorite meetings are when we’re conducting playtests. It is so much fun to watch children engage with our new games and give us all of their very insightful feedback.

Outside of meetings, I do a lot of reading around educational best practices, I talk to educators about what they would like to see in our products, I put together scope and sequences for teaching new skills, I create documents for game designers to explain what we’re teaching and I work with game designers on things like mapping levels and understanding what we’re trying to teach children.

Snack time: Alisdair comes home from school around 3 pm, so we generally sit and have a snack together and talk about his time at school. I wrap up with work at 5 pm to begin family time. 

Family time: I stop working at 5 and then the boys and I typically do something fun together. For example, we’ll go get ice cream or go to a playground or the library. Yesterday, we made sea foam slime: you take the juice of garbanzo beans and combine it with cream of tartar and food coloring or you can use organic stuff like beet powder. You mix it together and it’s a giant fun sensory activity mess. We eat dinner at 6 and then all of us – including our dog – go for a family walk. Then it’s bath time and we read a book. Alisdair is currently really into the new illustrated Harry Potter stories. Then, it’s bedtime.