Home School Games for Kids with Ease with Interactive Kids Games

March 24, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

More parents than ever have temporarily transitioned to home school games to keep their children’s education on track, using alternative ways such as online learning materials and interactive Kids Learning games. While homeschool board games for kids can be tough, it can be made stress-free. The widely available resources and curricula create a wealth of learning opportunities that can be personalized to the children’s learning style and make learning more effective. Here are two ways that you can home-school:

Structured Learning: Homeschool Learning Games

This one follows the learning system schools adopt with regular routines and study habits. It is curriculum and time-based. Children solve exercises, do their lessons from textbooks, and rely on learning packs to keep pace with their education.

Autonomous Learning: Home School Games

Here learning is a lot more flexible and is often directed through what interests your child.  Parents can provide the resources, opportunities, and experiences through a variety of subjects and contexts to stimulate learning.

For parents new to the homeschool board games atmosphere, blending different aspects of the two – i.e a structured timetable with interest-initiated learning can help children get their lessons done. One rewarding way to do this is by tapping into existing habits around screen time. Surprised? Screen time can be made healthy when used well to make home school games learning processes engaging. Osmo has developed learning games that turn screen time into a visual, physical, and mental engagement through interactive activities.

These educational games for kids at home weave in lessons such that kids learn instinctively, unearthing learning themselves, leaving more time on your hand. Plus, it is individualized to their ability, so they learn at a pace that is comfortable and fulfilling for them. Spanning fine motor movement, communication, language, adding and counting, reading, and writing, spatial skills, physics, technology, and expressive arts, there is something for every child and interest.

If your kid is fascinated by motion, gravity, matter, and more, give Newton a try the homeschool board games. Watch your little physicist tackle challenge after challenge, building his creative skills and learning how objects react with each other. Find you kid toying with gadgets and technology a lot? Coding Awbie might be just what he needs. This fun coding game is homeschool learning games teaches basic coding commands, logic skills, and problem solving through actual coding blocks. If your child has a creative bent of mind and loves animation, the Osmo Super Studio will keep him ahead in the arts. Kids get step-by-step instructions on how to draw the scenes from movies like Frozen 2 and Incredibles 2, then watch their drawings come to life! If your kid has an entrepreneurial streak, Pizza Co. will allow him to exercise his business skills and learn math in the process. 

If structured learning at home school games works best for your child but he is struggling with a subject, these stem games can help tackle fears and stimulate interest that will be useful when he is back to school. Numbers, for instance, is a fun math home schooling games for kids that teaches multiplication, addition, and subtraction using physical tiles that kids put together. Kids can solve math without the fear of getting a wrong answer or caving under the pressure of time, aided by real-time feedback and space for experimentation. Action-packed Words puzzles come to the rescue of kids who struggle with spelling and comprehension. Interactive kids games like these are excellent ways to keep children focused on learning and make home-schooling a breeze.