Keeping Holiday Stress under Check with Educational Learning Games

December 6, 2019 / Parent Resources

The holidays are a magical time for children to relax and have fun with educational learning games for kids. While children welcome this period of rest, holidays could be stressful in other ways and the post holiday stress for going back to regular school schedule can be hard as well. Parents can help their children enjoy the delight this season brings while avoiding the stress with some of these practices to keep children engaged during the holidays:

Provide structure for children by maintaining school schedule at home

Schools have a fixed schedule which brings consistency in your child’s daily routine. It is essential to stick to the structure so your children’s return to school can be seamless and without any hassles. This would mean encouraging your children to follow similarly consistent sleep schedules and have some structured learning time. 

Use educational games to convert screen time into learning time

Research has shown children who are digital natives spend significant amounts of time on their smart devices. Instead of passive screen time, you can encourage children to engage in interactive educational learning games which help enhance cognitive and social emotional skills. It is best to use educational games that are adaptable and can be personalized according to your children.  

Osmo learning systems include fun iPad games with physical game pieces which retain the essential element of hands-on play while digital on-screen engagement provides feedback in real time. Children get to learn while having fun with games that can be customized for each individual. 

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit is a set of fun games for kids which help build pre-reading and storytelling skills, along with creative problem solving skills.  Osmo Little Genius Stories game is for the adventurer in your children, taking them on quests to faraway lands helping them think on their feet and solve problems on the fly. When your kids are in the mood for silly fun, you can let them try Osmo Little Genius Costume Party game. Children get to dress up an online character with various outfits and accessories with an option to color the character as well!

Create new family traditions

Holidays are a great time for parents to introduce new family traditions that are unique to the family. This can help strengthen family ties. For instance, you can start a family game night playing educational games with your children. While watching cartoons with your children is fun, you can make it an interactive learning experience by playing the Osmo Little Genius Squiggle Magic game. You and your children can transform into instant animators by bringing your creations to life.  

Read to your kids

Reading to your children is a great way to build lasting connections with them. You can start off by reading from a choice of books they prefer. Following this up with fun educational games is an effective way to get your children learning while having fun. Osmo Little Genius ABCs game has children fill Mo the monster’s travel book with letters, words and objects they create. These creative reading games for kids uses the phonics approach to teach kids letter and word recognition. This would be a fun game to play with your children after reading to them. 

If you are looking to make the most of this holiday season with your children, ensure you try some of these time-tested ways to keep your children engaged and learning. You might end up sharing some memorable moments with your family that you might treasure for years to come!