Participate in Our Holiday Drawing Contest Using Osmo Masterpiece!

November 25, 2020 / Parent Resources

We are running a parent-child drawing contest for all our beloved Osmonauts! Both you and your little ones would need to use Osmo’s Masterpiece to draw anything you want and then send in how many ever entries you like. Below are a few of the entries we’ve already received. Aren’t they aww-dorable?

More Holiday Drawing Contest Your Kids Will Love

Not in the mood to draw? Here are some creative games for kids during the holidays as a drawing contest – 

Scavenger Hunt with Magazines: Online Drawing Competition

Hand each child a stack of magazines, safety scissors, and a list of items to find. The list could include items like pictures of snow, Santa, turkey, family spending time together, people singing, trees, and a lot more! Give them some time to cut out as many items as they find in the allotted time can be a best online drawing competition.

Candy Relay

Divide the kids into 2 teams and make them form 2 lines. Give each child a piece of wrapped candy and a pair of mittens. Once you say ‘Go!’, the first child in each line needs to put on their mittens, unwrap the candy, pop it in their mouth, take their mittens off, and then pass it to the child standing behind them! Whichever team finishes first, wins!

Snowball Fight (Without snow!)

We know this might sound like a messy game but it really isn’t! It’s actually super fun. Instead of snow, you could fill lots and lots of small balloons with air and let the kids throw them at each other. A great alternative could be cotton balls too!

Holiday Jungle Camp

Sat up a cozy tent at home and pretend you’re in a jungle! You could use funny animal sounds in the background to make the camping experience seem more ‘real’. Make sure to use bedsheets and blankets for your indoor tent. If you have any toy guns at home, pack those too!

We’re eagerly waiting for many more entries from you during our parent-child holiday drawing contest! We hope you and your little ones participate. 
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