Happy Friendship Day!

July 29, 2021 / Parent Resources

How are you celebrating Friendship Day this year? We’ve got some suggestions for you.

Write a Thank You Note

There need not be an occasion to let your friend know how much you value them. However, Friendship Day gives you all the more reason to celebrate your friendship with these Thank You Note Card. Make a heartfelt card or a cute note, and in it write about all the qualities that make them so special.

Bake Friendship Day Treats

Handmade gifts always go a long way. You could bake a delicious pie for your friend and then decorate it with berries to say “I love you!” or “thank you!”. If baking pies seems to be difficult, any simple home cooked meal would still make your friend feel special. It’s the thought that counts!

Make a Friendship Book

Your kids will enjoy this activity. Simply ask them to fill up the pages with pictures of friends. They could also write sweet messages on each page. If your kids are feeling artsy, they could use Osmo’s Masterpiece game to draw pictures of their friends.

Gift Creative Accessories

Use colored pasta or pipe cleaners to fashion your very own bracelet for your friend! They’ll be touched and awed by your creativity and effort.

You could even spend some time outdoors with your loved ones. A cute picnic, for example, sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate friendship!