Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers Featuring Your Favorite Osmo Friends

October 29, 2020 / DIY & Printable

Although regular Halloween festivities might be on pause this year, there are many ways you can still make it eventful at home! With our Halloween crafts for preschoolers, your kids will have a blast while looking like:

Osmo’s Mo







All you have to do is cut carefully along the dotted lines, punch a hole, and tie a string or yarn to secure your mask.

Host a Virtual Costume Party Dressed Up as an Osmo Character by these Halloween Art Activities:

Now that you have your masks secured, you could get on a video call with your friends for a virtual party by these halloween art activities! You could even host a virtual dance party, sing-along, or parade at home. Try to make the party seem as real as possible, with a ton of delicious food and holiday candy. 

Spooky Story Reading Time With Osmo Friends An Halloween Art Activities:

Ask your child to write a spooky story featuring their favorite Osmo friend. For instance, if they’ve chosen to wear an Osmo Bunny mask with halloween art activities, they would need to write a scary/creative story featuring Bunny (and read it out to friends under a flashlight in a dark room?) If your child is too young to write or read, you could perform a skit for them while wearing a mask of their liking.

Osmo Costume Relay Race with Halloween Art for Kids:

If you’re wearing an Osmo Mo mask, make sure to dress up in orange/brown clothes to look like Mo! The same goes for any other Osmo mask you might have chosen to wear. The winner of this relay race is the one who can change in and out of their Halloween costume the fastest! You could enjoy this Halloween art activities for kids game virtually too.

Osmo Talent Hunt an Halloween Crafts and Activities:

Halloween Crafts and Activities for each of your Osmo friends has a unique talent. Set up a group video call with your friends and showcase your talent based on the Osmo character you represent! For instance, if you’re wearing a Tez mask, it means you could showcase some of your dance moves from Coding Jam.

We hope our Halloween crafts for kids and activities masks get your kids in the Halloween spirit. Don’t forget to carve out some time for pumpkin decorating too!