Games To Play With Kids Indoors To Keep Them Occupied While You Work from Home

April 5, 2021 / Company News

Is your little one feeling restless due to being stuck indoors? Here are some games to play with kids indoors to keep them engaged while you work from home.

Play Minute-to-Win-it with Fun Games for Kids Inside:

This is a classic fun games for kids inside that is sure to keep your child engaged. All you need to do is ensure your child finishes an activity within a minute. For example, you could ask your kids to stack pennies on top of one another. Whoever manages to stack the maximum number of pennies within a minute wins! If your child finds this activity as a best indoor games to play too simple, they could try placing a cookie on their forehead and move it towards their mouth! They will love this game-fun indoor games to play.

Make Treasure Out of Trash with Fun Indoor Games to Play:

Teach your kids about recycling through this fun activity an fun indoor games to play. Gather junk mail, cardboard boxes, and old newspapers and ask your child to create anything they want using these. Once they finish, they could play a game of treasure hunt – using what they’ve created! Prepare a sheet with several clues and ask your kids to follow each clue to find this treasure. (Without your help!)

Here are some clues you could use for your treasure hunt!

Build a Reading Nook the Best Indoor Games to Play:

Does your child love to read? If they do, they will love this! Set up a tiny area filled with books, lamplight, and soft pillows to make it a cozy reading corner. If they’re too young to read on their own, you could fill the cozy space with some toys and interactive educational games an fun indoor games to play from Osmo. We offer several preschool learning tools for your little genius.

Create a Happiness Box an Fun Indoor Family Games:

Is your child feeling particularly gloomy or agitated? Here’s a fun activity best indoor games to play that could cheer them up. Decorate an old shoebox with bright colors and emojis, and then fill this box with things that make your child happy. It could be a favorite photo, pieces of candy, anything at all! Ask them to open this box when they’re feeling low to turn those frowns upside down an fun games for kids inside!

You can cut out these emojis and color them to decorate your shoebox:

DIY Drive-in Theatre-Fun Indoor Games to Play:

You could use big laundry baskets as cars that your little ones could sit inside. Make this interior as cozy as possible, with blankets and pillows. Then, help them create signs for the drive-in and its concession stand, stocked with juice, popcorn, and candy! Make it seem more real by also making drive-in speakers using cups and string. Once you’ve set all this up, play your child’s favorite movie, and watch them enjoy their very own drive-in theater.

Go Towel Skating-Fun Games for Kids Inside:

Indoor games for kids in lockdown: Need help with household chores? Your kids can help in the most creative way possible! Squirt some cleaner on the floor, place some rags under your child’s feet, and tell them to glide across the floor. They’ll have a wonderful time and won’t even realize they’re actually cleaning the floor. Your kids could even race against each other an fun indoor family games. Whoever reaches the finish line the fastest, wins!

Project for the Day-Fun Indoor Family Games:

Giving your child a task to complete every day will keep them engaged and entertained. You could ask them to complete a specific drawing for the day an best indoor games to play, or maybe do a simple household chore for the day. If your child is interested in drawing, check out Osmo’s iPad learning game an fun games for kids inside – Masterpiece. With an interactive drawing tool, your child can turn into a young Picasso in no time.

Here are some simple pictures your child could complete! It’s also a nice way to teach them symmetry.

Games to Play with Kids Indoors with Osmo’s Interactive Kids’ Game:

We offer several interactive kids’ games that your child is sure to love an games to play with kids indoors. Beyond teaching important STEAM skills, our fun iPad games an fun indoor games for kids to play provide a broader understanding of the world. Your child will gain insights into geography (Detective Agency), coding (Coding Awbie, Coding Duo, Coding Jam), and so much more!
Keeping your child occupied might be a task in these uncertain times. We hope your child enjoys these best indoor games to play!