Simple Games for Kids That Teach About Personal Hygiene

April 12, 2021 / Company News

The best way to teach kids about personal hygiene is to start early, with simple practices at home. These simple games for kids will help your child develop healthy habits and stay neat, clean, and tidy.

Germ Transfer-Importance of Personal Hygiene:

Simple games for kids: Teach your little one about the spread of germs by showing them how germs can live on their hands and the things they touch. For this game, you will need to pretend to sneeze, and when you do, cover your hands in washable paint. Then you will need to walk around, touching things in the room. The kids will see the traces of paint on all the things you touch! (indicating the transfer of germs) After the exercise, have your child find and tally all the surfaces where germs now live after you transferred them around the room!

Matching Game-Personal Hygiene Games for Kids:

Create a fun matching game to teach your child about the various tools for personal hygiene games for kids and which body part to use them on. Draw pictures of soap, fingernail clippers, mouthwash, and a toothbrush on one set of cards. Then create another set of cards with pictures of shoes, hands, teeth, nails, and mouth. Your little one will need to match the tools to the body parts. 

Good Habit, Bad Habit-Personal Hygiene for Kids:

For this game, you can write 10 good personal hygiene for kids habits, such as flossing, washing your hands, or bathing twice a week. On 10 more pieces of paper, you can write down the bad habits such as sleeping past your bedtime, chewing loudly, or not bathing. Fold all of the pieces of paper and place them on a surface. Your child will need to draw out one chit at a time and decide whether it’s a good self hygiene habit or a bad hygiene habit.

Hygiene Charades-Personal Hygiene:

Explain all the good personal hygiene habits to your child before playing this game, such as cutting your nails often, combing your hair and keeping it tidy, brushing your teeth, and coughing into a sleeve. Then, ask your child to pick any action for hygiene and act it out in front of his/her friends without using any words! The quickest one to guess the right answer is the winner. 

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Art Teeth-Importance of Personal Hygiene:

Importance of personal hygiene: For this activity, you will need a yellow construction paper, red construction paper, white paint, and some toothbrushes. Help your child cut out some teeth from the yellow paper, and instruct them to brush the yellow teeth with white paint. Then, tell them to stick red construction paper around the yellow area with glue. This is a great way to spark kids’ imagination while teaching them about oral self hygiene. 

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Fruit and Veggies Plate-Hygiene for Kids:

Teach your child about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables with this personal hygiene games for kids. First, give your child a plate and some fruits and vegetables, then ask them to arrange them in the shape of a smiling face. They can use grapes for the eyes, sliced apple for the eyebrows, cucumber for the mouth, and beetroot for the nose! After their creation, they may eat all the fruits and veggies as a snack.

Exercise Routine-Simple Games for Kids:

Simple games for kids: Create an exercise routine for your child and discuss with them how important it is to stay fit and active. You can stand on your toes, clap both hands over your head, clap your hands behind your back and jump and run on the spot. Encourage your child to mimic your actions until they learn to do it on their own every day! You can also create a fun dance routine for your child, with the help of our iPad learning game, Coding Jam. This game lets your child code, create music, and then dance to the songs they’ve composed!
It is only natural for your little ones to sometimes be a little careless when it comes to personal hygiene for kids. With these simple games for kids and indoor active games ideas, your child can incorporate good hygiene practices into their daily routine!