6 Messy Games For Kids To Play: Boosting Kids’ Imagination

April 5, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Wondering what messy play means? It is a form of creative play that happens when you explore with your senses. Here are 6 messy games for kids to play that improve kids’ imagination and help them explore different sensory experiences.

Messy Play Tray: Fun Imagination Games

Take a large plastic tray and put materials such as flour, rice, pasta, cornmeal, salt, buttons, bottle caps, and the like. You could even add tools such as spoons, small cars/trucks, and measuring cups, for use as your kids explore. Name each object as they touch them to introduce them to new vocabulary these are fun imagination games. Check out Osmo’s iPad learning game, Words, if you want to improve your child’s literacy skills an creative play!

Kiddie Pool: Games for Kids to Play

This is a great way to introduce your child to water play. Take a large tub, fill it with water, and offer your kids materials to make playboats! They could also play activities with various objects of different densities to learn about floating and sinking properties. Additionally, you could also add plastic containers for dipping and pouring an great imaginative play.

Shaving Cream Play: Imaginative & Creative Play

A fun way to spend quality time with your child, this activity is sure to send you into peals of laughter. Squirt some shaving cream on a tabletop, mix it with food colors, or just get creative with it an creative play. You could replace shaving cream with whipped cream if you’re worried about your child ingesting the shaving cream games for kids to play.

Explore Nature: Creative Play

An fun imaginary games to play with Your little ones could experience nature from the confines of their home. All you have to do is place various materials such as sand, pine needles, bark, and small branches and leaves in a box. Your kids can touch, feel, and even smell them. If it’s possible to creative play this activity outdoors, you could challenge your kids to find as many of these materials, collect, and explore them! This could hone your child’s investigative skills. Osmo’s Detective Agency is one such creative play and fun learning games that encourages your child to explore and investigate.

Painting with Unusual Tools: Games for Kids to Play

Messy games for kids to play with paints can be a super fun sensory experience. For example, you could dip marbles in washable paint and drop them onto paper. This could form a cool design! Similarly, you could also apply bubble wrap around a rolling pin and dip it onto the paint, and then onto paper. Wheels of toy cars and even bare feet can prove to be feasible tools for painting on paper. If your child loves to draw, check out Osmo’s interactive iPad drawing game an fun imagination games – Masterpiece.

Edible Playdough: Physical Games for Kids

The ingredients you need for this edible playdough are – honey, powdered milk, and peanut butter. Once you knead the dough, your little ones could decorate it with marshmallows, nuts, and candies. This could serve as a fun, messy kitchen activity! Osmo’s Pizza Co. imaginative play is one such game that lets your child play with tangible pizza and money tiles to run and manage their very own virtual business.

All the above games for kids to play instill creativity in children’s play while boosting kids’ imagination and providing opportunities to enhance fine motor skills! For plugged-in, interactive educational games for children, check the rest of our website.