Game Based Learning using Interactive Educational Games

March 9, 2020 / Parent Resources

Game based learning is the use of games to aid in skill development and is poised to be the future of education for kids. This methodology can help kids learn essential cognitive and social-emotional skill sets while having fun, enabling better retention of skills gained. You can get your child into game based learning by providing them with developmentally appropriate interactive educational games for kids. Here are a few ways games contribute to children’s development:

How educational games help children’s development 

You can use play as a vehicle for learning using educational games for kids. Here are a few ways educational games can help with children’s development:

  • Enhanced memory retention – Games typically require kids to remember rules and aspects of the game. Such use of memory can be transferred to other activities which involve kids learning at home and at school. 
  • Critical thinking and problem solving – kids often need to think on their feet during gameplay and use logic to solve problems and move up in game levels.  
  • Hand-eye coordination – Games with hands-on elements help promote fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination for everyday tasks. This is an essential skill set kids need as they grow into adults.
  • Language skills – educational games which encourage reading and writing play a major role in helping children get fluent in reading and writing.

See you if you can spot the number of times the objects show up in your very own I-SPY game chart:

Educational games for game-based learning

Having the right educational learning game for your kids can go a long way in helping them learn essential skills in the language, cognitive and social emotional domains. Osmo learning systems include fun iPad games which promote hands-on learning. 

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit helps preschoolers pick up essential skills such as letter recognition, vocabulary, creativity, pre-drawing, cognitive and social-emotional skills. It also enhances spatial reasoning and fine motor skills. The ABCs game lets kids learn reading through phonics and the Squiggle Magic game lets kids get turn kids’ creations into animated characters!. The Costume Party lets children be silly and learn color coordination by letting them dress up a virtual character while the Stories game takes kids on an adventure as a colorful character on an exciting quest. 

Genius Starter Kit lets kids from ages 6-12 years of age pick up skill sets from core subjects of math, reading and physics as well. The Numbers game lets children solve math challenges to advance in the game. Kids will have loads of fun playing fast paced word challenges in the Words game and tracing virtual outlines on paper with the Masterpiece game. The Tangram game helps build spatial reasoning with kids arranging colorful tiles into animal and object shapes. The Newton game lets kids practice physics principles by deflecting falling objects on to target zones on screen.  

If you want your kids to get a headstart on learning, get them learning with Osmo Starter Kits and games!