Fun Summer Activities for Kids

June 25, 2021 / Parent Resources

Summer is here! Which means your kids will soon be free from their online classes. No more waking up early in the morning, and no more homework. At least for some time. 

But what happens when your kids eventually get bored of watching television or playing video games? They’ll find that they’ve got a lot of time on their hands. To keep your child engaged all summer long, we’ve listed a few fun activities for kids at home.

Have an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Get some fun in the sun with an awesome scavenger hunt! Make a list of things you find in nature, such as rocks, leaves, flowers, and so on. All your kids must do is find each of those items. Whoever manages to find all of them the quickest wins. 

You could make the hunt more challenging too; maybe write some riddles that lead them to a specific item.

If your child loves hunting for clues, check out Osmo’s Detective Agency. In this game, kids run a cool detective agency, find missing pets, and bust villainous thieves, all while traveling to famous cities and learning about various cultures.

Go Backyard Camping

Get a simple pop-up tent, some flashlights and sleeping bags for your backyard camp. You could even carry some board games for kids with you, a deck of cards, toys, story books, and yummy snacks.

Solve Puzzles

If it’s too hot outside, there’s nothing better than staying in and solving puzzles. The entire family could take turns finding the right puzzle pieces, and get in some laughs too. Solving puzzles for kids is a great way to kickstart critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Make Ice Cream

Beat the summer heat with a delicious ice cream. You will need some milk, cream, sugar, rock salt, and vanilla extract to make your very own vanilla ice cream.

To begin, add your milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla extract to a cup and mix thoroughly. Add this mixture to a small zipper bag. Fill another large zipper bag with some ice and rock salt. Next, place your smaller bag inside the bigger bag, and cover it with some more ice and rock salt. Finally, wrap the bag with a towel, and shake the bag for 5 minutes. Your ice cream is ready.

Play Balloon Tennis

Substitute a tennis ball with a water balloon and start playing! You don’t even need tennis rackets to play; you could simply use your fist!

Explore New Art Mediums

If your child likes to draw and paint, you could encourage them to try other art mediums like oil, acrylic, chalk, and so on. It’s a great way to fuel your child’s creativity. You could later have these masterpieces framed!

Play Hopscotch

Classic outdoor games like Hopscotch are perfect for any season. If you notice your child feeling restless at home and bored of the monotony, go outside and play Hopscotch with them. Games like these  serve as effective learning tools too; you could mark each grid with a letter and have your child hop on each grid to spell a word. 

Similarly, you could mark them with numbers too and have your child practice addition, subtraction, and more. For more math games, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard series.

Liked these summer activities for kids? Find more interactive games on our website.