Fun Science Games to Encourage Kids to Love Learning

March 26, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

With their unbridled curiosity and knack for asking tough questions, kids are natural scientists. These fun science games are perfect for tapping into their interests and inspiring a love of science.

1.Tug of War – Friction and Mass Science Games

This classic game requires only a strong rope, a twig or tape for a dividing line, and a minimum of two players to form two teams. The first team to pull their opponents across the dividing line wins. Teams pull their opponents over the line by applying frictional force. If both teams are applying equal frictional force, the mass of the team will determine the winner. If you’re looking for science games for kids that will introduce basic physics, this is a fun option.

2.Touch and Feel Guessing Science Game – Physical Properties

Teaching your kids about physical properties is easy with the touch and feel guessing game. To play, collect objects that are warm, cold, wet, dry, smooth, and rough. Then, have the kids touch or hold the objects while blindfolded! While they are using their sense of touch, you can provide information about the online science games behind our senses.

3.Nature Trail Walk – Natural and Human – Made Science Objects Games

Take a walk with your little one and help them identify natural objects such as trees, rocks, and soil, along with man-made objects like building, furniture and art. Walks are perfect for exploring your surroundings and learning about environmental science games at the same time! You can also help your little ones identify recyclable and non-recyclable objects and teach them how to protect the environment. Kids can practice spelling the names of different objects at home by playing Osmo’s early learning games.

4.Riding a Bike Science Games and Activities- Acceleration and Deceleration

Riding a bike over a hill will teach your little one about the laws of motion. Because of gravity, riders who maintain their pedaling pace will decelerate when they are going up a hill and accelerate when they are going down. To maintain their speed, the rider must counter the force of gravity with an equal amount of force from pedaling and braking. Osmo’s Newton fun science games for kids teaches a similar physics lesson. In Newton, kids learn about acceleration as they guide on-screen pinballs into place using household objects.

5.Coding Games – STEM Learning Online Science Games

Engineering and science go hand in hand. Science games and activities is the study of the laws of nature, while engineering is the application of this knowledge. A great way to introduce your little one to STEM learning and the digital world is through Osmo’s fun coding games for kids! Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, and Coding Duo teach your child the fundamentals of coding while also promoting creativity and critical thinking skills.

Science no longer has to be intimidating for your little one. With these fun science games, your child will learn to love the subject! Incorporate interactive learning methods with a hands-on approach watch kids learn, explore, and interact with their surroundings.