Fun Learning Games to Develop Your Child’s Reading Fluency

April 22, 2021 / Parent Resources

Finding it difficult getting your child to read? It’s not uncommon for kids to feel distracted or even disengaged from their reading material from time to time. With the following tips and fun learning kid games, we hope to make reading enjoyable for your child.

Encourage Expressive Reading

A fun learning way to express yourself as you read is by making facial expressions. This way, when you read to your child, there’s a greater chance of them actually listening to you and even retaining information.

Another way to express yourself while reading is by modulating your voice. For example, you could change your voice according to the various emotions that a character in your story goes through. This will help your child understand what is being said in a super fun way! Once they’ve observed how you change your voice, you could ask them to do the same while they read.

With Osmo’s creative games for kids, your child develops reading skills in no time!

Record While Reading

The next time your child reads, record them! This could help develop their confidence, and even help them realize where they can improve. When your child assesses their reading skills on their own, they feel motivated to do better.

Phrase Sentences

Breaking sentences into chunks can be highly useful to your child. Not only will this help children understand when to pause after certain words, but it will also improve their reading fluency.

Additionally, if there are commas or full stops in sentences, kids need to understand how to pause.

Avoid Silent Reading

Reading aloud in front of an audience can actually motivate your child to read better. It could also help you assess them more easily and provide suggestions if any.

Although silent reading is effective, it would be better to first start with reading out loud and then gradually progress to silent reading.

Educational Games from Osmo to Improve Reading Skills

With Osmo’s hands-on educational games for kids, children gain a better understanding of language and communication. The ABCs game in the Little Genius Starter Kit is one such interactive literacy games for kids that teaches children phonics while letting them use squishy sticks & rings to build letters.

Additionally, each learning game encourages children to engage in pretend play which further encourages literacy development! Shop Osmo’s fun learning games now.