Reward Your Kids with Fun Learning Games this Black Friday

November 25, 2019 / Parent Resources

Holiday season is the best time to surprise your children with the latest toys and games. While it is essential to choose games and toys that children can have fun with, it is a bonus if they are also educational. With the all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that you have to sift through, here are a few aspects to consider while choosing educational games that best suits your child:

  1. Games that are age-appropriate – to choose the right educational games for kids, the games have to be age appropriate. It is also beneficial to pick toys that grow with the children so they can get more playtime from it. You can choose games that your children can enjoy independently or those that you can play with them together. 
  2. Games that suit children’s temperament – You can provide toys based on the distinct temperaments your children exhibit. Children have different temperaments and often time would enjoy different types of games. For example, a fun-loving child might more receptive to imaginative toys and games while a sensitive child might gain significantly from games promoting social-emotional skills and so on. 
  3. Games encouraging interaction – While children may prefer some games over the other, it is important to choose games which encourage team play and interaction. This will help build interpersonal and communication skills in children. 
  4. Games fostering imagination – games that stimulate children’s imagination through gameplay stand the best chance of meeting their developmental needs. Sparking children’s imagination can help build creative thinking and problem solving skills.
  5. Games modeled on real world scenarios –  It is always advisable to choose the games that are modeled on real-life scenarios, like pretend play. Skills gained in these games can be easily applied to real life situations when the occasion calls for it. 

Fun Educational Games this Black Friday 2019

From the criteria above, you can see that educational games need to be adaptable, customizable and fun to get children learning. 

Osmo learning systems bring in fun iPad games which incorporate hands-on play. The digital on-screen engagement and real-time game feedback keep children excited to learn while physical game pieces help children build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the game. They are the perfect gift for kids for this holiday season.

If you are not sure where to start, Osmo Genius Starter Kit is for your 6 to 10 year old. It helps build various cognitive and social emotional skill sets in children. The Tangram game builds visual spatial reasoning skills with children arranging colorful tiles into animal and object shapes. Masterpiece lets children trace an on-screen outline of an image onto paper. Kids build fine motor skills such as penmanship and hand-eye coordination as part of the creative process. There are similarly games which build math and pre-reading skills in the kit. Newton lets children get a practical handle on physics principles by letting children divert falling objects from the screen onto target areas. 

If your children are animation fans and like to indulge their artistic side, Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 game is the one for them. The game transforms children into instant animators by bringing their drawings to life against the backdrop of Disney Frozen 2 the movie.    

Osmo has many more games that you can choose from and find the one that’s best for your kid. This Black Friday, give your children the gift of knowledge with the right educational game. 

Enjoy this Osmo Black Friday word search with your child!