Fun Independence Day Activities

June 25, 2021 / Parent Resources

What are your Independence Day celebrations looking like this year? We bet there’s going to be a barbecue, a few family gatherings, and maybe even fireworks. Here are some fun independence day activities that you could add to this day.

American Flag Scavenger Hunt

Make a few American flags with your little one. Then, hide them all around the backyard. Kids must run around trying to find each of the flags. To add to the excitement, prepare a list of clues that lead them to each flag! Isn’t this one of the best Independence Day activities for kids at home?

Bake an American Flag Pizza

Wish the whole family a happy Independence day by baking a delicious America flag pizza. Simply shape your pizza dough into a square. Squeeze some tomato sauce with some lines of cheese sprinkled right on top (to make the flag stripes), and then cut your pepperoni like stars and place them in the corner of your flag.

Make a Statue of Liberty Crown

To make the crown, you’ll have to first cut a paper plate in half and then cut the center out. Next, cut some paper into long triangles and paint the triangles green. Paint your paper plate the same color too. Glue those triangles onto your paper plate, and then glue ribbon on both sides of the crown. Your Statue of Liberty crown is ready!

You could also use Osmo’s Masterpiece game to draw the crown to perfection. With an interactive drawing tool, Osmo can transform any image into easy-to-trace outlines, making kids feel like young Picassos!

Have a Flag-Filled Pool Game

Celebrate Independence Day with an awesome pool game. All you have to do is place American flags on both sides of the pool. Your child must then quickly race to each side and try to collect as many flags as possible.

Make Red, White, and Blue Slime

Kickstart your child’s creativity during your Indepence Day celebrations this year! For this activity, you’ll need some water, glitter, glue, saline solution, baking soda, and food coloring in red, white, and blue.

First, combine your glue with water. Then, add some baking soda, a few drops of red food coloring, and glitter. Next, add some saline solution and mix until the consistency becomes thick. Knead the ball by applying some saline solution to your hand and your red slime ball is ready. Repeat this process for your white and blue slime balls too. You could even mix all three balls together if you like!