Fun Games to Ring in the New Year!

December 29, 2020 / Parent Resources

Before the clock strikes 12 on December 31, here are some entertaining fun new year games for kids to kill time!

Balloon Wish

Play a Game: Take a strip of paper and write down your resolution for the new year. Fold this piece of paper and place it inside a balloon. Lastly, fill the balloon with helium and tie it with a ribbon. When the clock strikes 12, you and your kids could release it into the air!

Photo Memory Timeline

What are some of the best memories you’ve made this past year? If you’ve got some pictures depicting the same, print them out and hide them all around the house. Your kids need to hunt for these pictures and then arrange them in the right order to create a timeline of memories.

Tick Tock Tic Tac

For this fun game, all you need is a handful of breath mints/candy, small paper plates, and a pair of tweezers. Once you’ve gathered all these items, you need to use the tweezers to move as many Tic Tacs from one plate to another in 60 seconds! Whoever transfers the most mints wins.

Fireworks in a Jar

All you will need for this experiment is some clear glass jars, oil, water, and food coloring. Fill the jars with water about ¾ full. Then provide a bowl each to the kids so they can place several tablespoons of oil in their bowls. Let your child add drops of different food coloring and lightly stir with a fork. As each child pours this mixture into the glass jar, they can observe the liquid fireworks explode!

Spell it Out 

Ask your kids to find letters to spell out “Happy New Year” by rummaging through a large plastic bin (or a bin filled with sand)! Make sure to set a timer to make this game more challenging. Whoever finds all the letters in the shortest amount of time, wins!

Kickstart 2021 With Osmo’s All-New Games

Do you know about our newly launched Math Wizard series for grades 1 & 2? These curriculum-inspired games alleviate math anxiety and help your kids apply everything they learn from Osmo to school and everyday life. The first two titles in the Math Wizard series are Magical Workshop and Secrets of the Dragons:

Magical Workshop is an addition and subtraction adventure, where kids brew potions with dragon claws and sparkle dust to master place value, and they continue their quest by counting balloons to help dragons fly. This learning box has 4 mini-games:

1. Potions – Learn addition and subtraction while mixing up potions with your trusty mixing mat, rods, and cubes.

2. Dragon Drop – Use a vertical number line to attach balloons to dragons for flight. 

3. Magical Flight – Travel on a magic broom to rebuild castles all over Wyverndell. A construction crew will help out, but you have to double-check the count of materials. 

4. Wyverndell Express – Operate your own dragon courier business! Solve math word problems at every train station to unlock new routes. 

Secrets of the Dragons allows kids to learn and master measurement at their own pace, where they explore the Dragon Reserve and its outlying biomes. As dragon scouts, they discover new dragons, measure, and feed them based on their size.

The next two releases in the series will debut in March 2021. The Math Wizard series will be available in Canada in January 2021.
The Osmo family wishes you a happy new year! Don’t forget to stock your at-home classroom with our kids’ educational games for 2021. We also offer preschool games, fun online math games for kids, and several other interactive kids’ games that make kids learning fun.