Fun Games for Kids to Learn Phonics

July 5, 2019 / Learn About Osmo

Many parents are committed to raising lifelong readers. However, we understand that teaching preschoolers to read can be challenging since young children often end up losing interest and feeling distracted while learning new words. With Osmo’s fun games for preschoolers, your child will develop a greater understanding of language and sentence construction in no time! These fun games for kids help children pronounce unfamiliar words while also teaching them phonics. 

Teaching Hacks and Phonics Games for Preschoolers

Here are a few steps you can take to teach your child phonics:

1.Teach the Sounds That Letters Stand for

Traditionally this is done using flashcards and workbooks. But you can also incorporate Osmo’s fun games for kids to make this process easier. The creative video and audio elements in these games keep kids engaged while teaching them the fundamentals of language.

Teaching preschoolers phonics through tech-infused preschool learning games could greatly enrich the storytelling experience for children.

2.Teach Children to Differentiate Between Various Sounds

For example, you can start with sounds that people, animals and objects make. This will highlight the differences between sounds in an effective manner.

3.Use Fun Preschool Learning Games

The ABCs game in Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit enhances learning as it features a friendly, animated character called Mo who teaches letters and phonics in a fun and engaging way. Throughout the game, Mo asks children to construct letters using sticks and rings and associate the letter to its sound and to the word. This way, children are motivated by an adorable online character to learn more about letters and phonics, helping them retain their interest and sparking their imagination too. 

Once you have gained the interest of children, teaching phonics can be easy and fun! Not only does this skill help kids decode words, but it also improves overall reading comprehension. Shop our wide range of educational games for kids today!