Fun Drawing Games for Young Picassos

March 23, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Drawing activates a child’s imagination and often works as a medium for them to express themselves. Read on to find out how Osmo’s fun drawing games develop visual-motor and problem-solving skills and turn even the most art-challenged kids into young Picassos.

Nurture Your Inner Artist With Osmo Masterpiece: Fun Drawing Games to Play

What if your child could draw anything – absolutely anything – at all? With Osmo Masterpiece, they can! It could be a picture of a friend, a cartoon, or a photo they snap themselves. This drawing tool turns these pictures into outlines so your little one can draw them on paper perfectly. If you’re looking for fun drawing games to play indoors, this is the right fit for your child.

The best way to instill creativity in children’s play is games for kids to draw. As kids take control of their drawing, they develop concentration, fine motor skills, and receive instant visual feedback. These masterpiece sketches increase your little one’s confidence and self-worth as they get to display their art to friends and family.

Draw Your Favorite Disney Characters With Osmo Super Studio: Educational Drawing Games

Your little genius must be all too familiar with characters from Disney’s Frozen, Mickey Mouse and Friends, and Incredibles. Wouldn’t it be great if they could interact with these characters? Osmo Super Studio can make it happen! As young Picassos draw and animate their favorite Disney shows, they get to go on adventures with their beloved Disney characters.

Beyond developing fine motor skills, this educational drawing games for kids also teaches creative problem-solving. Your kids get to help various fictional characters like Frozen’s Olaf by drawing his missing nose, and Disney’s princesses Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle by drawing outfits and getting them royally dressed-up. 

As parents, you might want to play as many creative board games for kids and interactive kids games with your little ones to develop that imagination and individuality. Osmo’s Masterpiece and Super Studio are two such early learning fun drawing games to play that help your child feel motivated to draw and create. Give them that little extra validation by portraying these finished drawings in your home and watch them gleam with joy!