Learn to Code With Fun Coding for Kids

March 23, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Welcoming kids to the coding world can enable young minds to become creators of interesting technology! Learn how Osmo’s coding games for kids teach to control animated characters and develop computational skills.

Munch on Strawberries Through Code: Coding for Kids

Imagine a delectable adventure where you could achieve a target merely by eating strawberries! Coding Awbie is a game that makes it happen. All your little one has to do is use Osmo’s tangible coding blocks to guide Awbie, a lovable animated character, to the target. Double the fun with friends and family and munch on as many virtual strawberries as possible!

Osmo’s interactive learning toys for kids give your child a complete learning experience. If you want to add a dash of creativity in children’s play, cut up some strawberries, and treat your kids to some as they learn to code. 


Find Lost Pets With Awbie and Mo: Coding for Children

A scientist needs your little genius’ help! His pets have gone missing and he needs to find them as soon as possible. In Coding Duo, your child will take Awbie and Mo on an awesome adventure by wading through challenges and obstacles using Osmo’s coding blocks. Watch how this brilliant duo work together to solve the mystery of the missing pets.

If you’re on the lookout for coding games for kids ideas to keep your little one engaged, fun coding for children are the way to go! They won’t even realize they’re creating technology as they take control of animated characters through hands-on play.

Use Coding Blocks to Create Music

Osmo’s Coding Jam creates a STEAM-based experience for your little one while teaching them to compose music through code. You can explore our coding websites for kids, a creative side of coding through this fun-filled game. You can save the tracks you create, dance to these cool beats, and even share your tracks with friends and family.

You could host a little dance competition after your little ones compose their tracks to add to the fun. Find coding for children that encourage hands-on learning, creativity, and computational thinking doesn’t have to be difficult when you have Osmo to help. 


Introducing kids to the concept of learn coding for kids that can help spark imagination, self-confidence, and a desire to learn. Beyond teaching kids how to be a part of the digital world, Osmo’s coding for kids also teach them how to think logically and solve problems. Check out our coding websites for kids to find more interactive kids learning games that actively engage children in the learning process.