Fun Activities to Develop Your Child’s Creative Confidence

March 15, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Every child has that inbuilt creativity and curiosity. With these creative confidence learning games for kids, we aim to unleash your little one’s creative genius and get their creative juices flowing.

Unstructured Play

Allow your child to independently engage in unstructured activities to watch them get creative! Maybe you could go to a park nearby and let your little one explore their surroundings. They could even roll around in the mud, and find themselves building dens, picking flowers, and so much more!

Each of Osmo’s educational learning games encourages children to learn independently. Because feedback and instructions are provided at each step in every game, no supervision is required! As kids learn and play independently, they exercise their creativity in the most fun way possible.


When your child dances, it greatly improves their mental and physical well-being. Sometimes all kids really need is to let off some steam and dancing is a great way to do it! Dancing also works as a medium to express emotions and creativity, because it encourages kids to get out of their shells.

You could even play Osmo’s Coding Jam game to compose some cool music (using coding commands!) to dance to.


Give your child the freedom to make up their own stories with their own made-up characters. They could also create a little backstory for each character! Beyond encouraging literacy development, this activity is a great way to expand your child’s creativity and imagination.

Check out Osmo’s Stories game now! It’s a fun-filled game that develops kids’ creative confidence while teaching them to navigate stories and find silly solutions to problems.


Although painting might prove to be a messy activity, it’s still an awesome way to ignite your child’s creativity. Instead of painting on paper, you could collect some pebbles for kids to paint, and even use cotton balls to dip into the paint! Since Easter is right around the corner, you could make some cute Easter arts and crafts (maybe a little bunny mask?) with your child too!

Some of Osmo’s drawing games for kids that spark creativity include Masterpiece, Monster, and the Super Studio Series. Shop now!

Cook Together

Encourage creative confidence in kids by letting them experiment with cooking in the kitchen. This also allows them to think independently and take responsibility for their decisions. For example, they could choose from a wide range of ingredients to make a pizza (with your help of course!), or a salad.

For a delicious hands-on learning experience, check out Osmo’s Pizza Co game! In this interactive game, kids get to run their own pizza shop, cater to customers’ requests, calculate change, and (hopefully!) make profits.

We hope these activities and learning games for kids help develop your little one’s creative confidence. Don’t forget to shop our Learnment of Champions SALE and enjoy savings on games for creative confidence!