Five Little Birds taking us through a day with Osmo at home

May 1, 2020 / Parent Resources

We have five kids ranging in age from 18 months to 11 years so our homeschooling day can be busy. Osmo is so great for when I need one of the kids to work on some skills independently while I help another child. Our 11 year-old loves to use Coding Jam and he creates beats and music. He is passionate about music so this is the perfect fit for him. We also use Osmo to practice fundamental number skills. This is especially helpful for our seven and nine year-old. They use the Osmo Genius Starter Kit for this. Our four year-old can also have a turn and he is learning about basic coding playing Osmo and getting Awbie to move. This also helps his language development as he discusses how Awbie is moving through the forest etc. He will use language such as over, under, through, behind…

Addressing Osmo as a solution to the current challenging environment.

The best thing about Osmo in these uncertain times is how much the apps make kid’s learning fun. They are engaged from the start to the finish and can learn in a relaxed setting so they are more likely to retain any new knowledge.

Osmo also provides kids with opportunities to revisit levels and fully master a skill before they move on. They are not under lots of pressure to move quickly. During these uncertain times, that’s very comforting for kids. 

My perspective of Osmo

I have found the apps to be incredibly well designed. They are very engaging for kids and I’m all for making learning fun! If you enjoy what you are learning, you will remember it and my kids all love Osmo. The creative apps offer lots of great drawing tips and the coding games for kids (Coding Jam and Awbie) which are such a great introduction to electronic music. My kids have developed some great new skills since starting Osmo. I would happily recommend it to other parents. 

How has Osmo impacted learning?

Osmo has helped build the kids’ confidence as they are able to work independently, solidifying learning. Early number/math for kids have been strengthened and I also love their confidence boost when it comes to drawing characters!

Why has Osmo become a favourite?

Because it’s very hands-on and engaging for kids. They have a sense of control as they move through the apps. It’s not just passive screen time but very interactive and you can see the child light up as they learn. 

How is Osmo a positive approach to screen time?

I’m very fussy when it comes to my kids and screens and I love that Osmo has such a focus on the kids being involved in a very tactile way. They’re not just drawing on an iPad for example, they’re actually learning drawing skills that they can apply to all their art. 

I also love how they’re not just staring at a shape on a screen, they’re making that shape themselves, feeling it and maneuvering it. I feel that they have retained more from Osmo than from some other educational apps and it’s definitely because of the way they are involved with their hands.


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