Explore Early Math With Little Genius Starter Kit+

July 28, 2020 / Company News

The new Little Genius Starter Kit+ is your all-in-one kindergarten prep! Designed for ages 3-5, Little Genius Starter Kit+ includes six pre-k games that promote early math, fine motor and problem-solving skills:

  • ABCs
  • Stories
  • Costume Party
  • Squiggle Magic
  • Counting Town – NEW!
  • Shape Builder – NEW!

We’re particularly excited to announce two brand-new games that use squishy sticks and rings to teach numbers and shapes. Read on to learn more about these new games, Counting Town and Shape Builder:

Counting Town – Experience Numbers in a Whole New Way

This game makes math approachable for even the most number-averse little ones. In Counting Town, kids practice counting when they create magical objects using sticks and rings. Kids don’t even realize they’re building math knowledge while they play because this pre-k games is so much fun!

Key Learning Concepts:

  • Primary: Counting, number recognition
  • Secondary: Visual thinking, problem-solving, fine motor skills

Shape Builder – Geometry Comes to Life in a Magic Mansion

In this counting game for kids, players fill a home with magical objects by reproducing geometric shapes. As kids build items using sticks and rings, they learn new shapes and develop confidence.

Key Learning Concepts:

  • Primary: Basic shapes, composite shapes, relative positioning, and size, color recognition
  • Secondary: Visual thinking, problem-solving, fine motor skills

These kids education games are the perfect way to introduce your little one to early math concepts. To find more hands-on learning games for the rest of the family, visit our website.

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