Engaging Games for School

August 9, 2021 / Parent Resources

Once summer holidays are over, getting back to school might seem like a task. With these fun games for kids at school, you could help your students feel more enthusiastic about resuming classes.


Play this awesome game to revise what you’ve taught in class. Simply divide your class into various groups, and then have kids from each group go up to the board and draw what you tell them to. It could be a new word, a new math or science term, and anything else you’ve already taught them. Whichever group that guesses the word correctly, wins!

Hot Potato

Looking for more fun games for school? Here’s one your kids will love. To start, just hand out an object to one student. Then, name the theme of the game, for instance, “even numbers”. Each kid must quickly say an even number before tossing the object to the next person. Keep a timer for 1 second to make this more challenging!


Puzzles for kids are one of the best school games. Write down words, numbers, and concepts on paper. Students must piece them together to solve the puzzle. For example, If you write 4, +, 5, =, 9 on different pieces of paper, kids must arrange them together to form the right equation.


Charades can be more than just a source of entertainment! It can also serve as one of the most effective educational games for school, especially if you want to revise new vocabulary. Simply instruct a child to act out a new word you taught them. Whoever guesses correctly gets to act out the next word.

We hope your students enjoy these fun school games. For more fun interactive games, check the rest of our website.