Empowering Children to be Confident

September 25, 2019 / Parent Resources

Parents have a crucial role in the development of their children. While it is important to support your children in everything they do, it is important to step back and let the children make their own mistakes and learn from them. Parents can provide opportunities for children to learn on their own through trial and error and use activities and educational learning games for kids to let your them learn the importance of persistence through times of crisis. 

Here are a few ways you can encourage your children to be more self-aware and confident as an individual:

Assign Children Minor Chores  

Entrusting children with the responsibility of daily chores such as picking up their toys or helping to set the table for dinner shows that you trust your children to follow through actual tasks. Also, this responsibility at home helps children develop a sense of pride in their abilities to help you run the house.    

Encourage Children to Play Learning Games

When you provide your children with your undivided attention during playtime, it becomes all the more fun. Such attention coupled with guidance is especially useful when your children are playing a game for the first time. While it serves the purpose of building a better bond with children, it helps children explore new ways to solve problems in order to win the game. 

Osmo Genius Starter Kit is a great set of educational learning games for kids providing various developmental benefits. These fun iPad games have physical game pieces retaining the essential element of hands-on play while digital media provides interactive on-screen feedback keeping the children engaged.  

Osmo Genius Tangram game builds visual spatial reasoning in children, with them arranging colorful geometrical shapes to form people and objects. The physical game pieces add an element of hands-on play to the game, while the digital media adds interactivity which makes the game more fun.

Osmo Genius Newton game teaches children to apply principles of physics by redirecting falling balls onto a target zone on the screen using line drawings on paper, or using objects to deflect the falling balls on screen. 

Osmo Genius Words game enables children to build their vocabulary by spelling out words that stand for images. Children can play against each other or against an animated character, to finish spelling the word first.  

Osmo Genius Numbers game lets children flood a fish tank with water and colourful fish. Math challenges allow children to progress in the game and unlock higher levels. 

Share an art project with your child

You can team up with your child to draw something that can be displayed in the living room or be pinned to the refrigerator. This can be anything from a sketch to a water painting. It might bring out the creative streak in your child while fostering a sense of confidence in the art they create. 

Osmo Genius Masterpiece game is a great way to encourage your children to sketch something interesting. Children can sketch a virtual outline onto paper, building their fine motor skills in the process. 

Engaging in confidence building activities and creative games will help children identify with a positive self-image. This will go a long way in raising children who are well rounded and are able to confidently handle any challenge that may come their way in the course of their life.