How Learning Can Be More Effective with iPad Games for Kids

September 20, 2019 / Parent Resources

Education has evolved with time, and the digital age brings us better tools and methods for learning iPads Games. Computers have revolutionized learning by enabling access to the internet and its endless informational resources. From desktops to laptops and then tablets, devices have become more portable and compact. The touch interface of a tablet is also easier for children to use since they have smaller hands and might have trouble using keyboards and mice as input devices.

Among the wide variety of available tablets, iPads are often chosen as effective tools for instruction and learning games in the current day classroom. With its large display and responsive touch interface, it makes for better game-based learning, enhancing the learning process in existing apps. 

Here are a couple of aspects that make iPads great learning tools for children:


You can think of an iPad as a self contained digital workbook which is compact and easy to carry and handle. Children will no longer be able to say “My dog ate my homework!” and miss any homework that’s assigned. Parent/teachers can also assess their progress in learning in real-time through an iPad, letting them know when children need help.

Enhanced Engagement

Research has shown that activity games for kids are more engaging and fun since they are enhanced by digital media. Kids can learn more due to the higher engagement. There are also fun drawing games for kids where they can hone their fine motor skills and engage their artistic side. 

How iPad Games Enable Effective Learning

Play is a natural vehicle for children to learn, and when you provide children creative games to play, they are bound to explore and learn in the process. Fun iPad games can be used as effective teaching aids in the classroom when used as developmentally appropriate tools. Interactive learning games have children engage in game objectives and learn better than when focusing on learning the skills alone. 

When it comes to interactive games, Osmo strikes a great balance between the games being challenging enough and fun to keep the children engaged in the game, but not so complex as to discourage the children from pursuing progressively higher game objectives. This balance is possible because games are customizable according to the age and developmental needs of the children playing.

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit provides your children developmental skill sets ranging from phonics to logical reasoning and problem solving. Osmo Little Genius ABC’s game is great to introduce your children to phonics and help them gain reading fluency. Children help Mo the Monster fill his travel postcard with objects children build with bendy sticks and rings. Mo spells out each letter and word as the children build them out.  

Osmo Little Genius Stories game takes children on adventures to seek out amazing artifacts or meeting exotic creatures. Children will have to solve problems they encounter on their quest using their costume and associated tools. They will need to use whacky out-of-the-box solutions such as using a skirt to parachute down a hill, or spring laden shoes to cross a muddy chasm. Children can pick up problem-solving skills and learn to think on their feet. 

Osmo Little Genius Squiggle Magic game transforms children to instant animators by bringing their creations to life in a classroom or pond setting. Children will have to build everything from a robot to a crab using colorful bendy sticks and rings. They can hone their fine motor skills while enhancing their creativity.

Osmo Little Genius Costume Party game lets children dress up an online character using physical game pieces. Children can have fun learning color coordination without too many rules and restrictions on time limits and more. 

iPad games for kids are effective learning tools when used in a developmentally appropriate context. Parents can use interactive learning games for kids such as the Osmo Starter Kits to get children picking up essential developmental skills.