Bond as a Family with Educational Learning Games This Thanksgiving

November 27, 2019 / Parent Resources

A delicious dinner with stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce and candied yams, would be the cornerstone of anyone’s Thanksgiving holiday. The hearty meal would usually need one to take a walk or even a nap to go about the rest of their day. This holiday season put your own spin on the festival of giving thanks, by following the Thanksgiving meal with family game night! 

Game Night Ideas for this Thanksgiving

Prepare your children for in-house night of fun and games with a Thanksgiving theme and invite the neighbors for good measure too!  You can use Osmo’s fun educational games for kids to make this Thanksgiving even more memorable. Osmo learning systems includes fun iPad games that retain the virtue of hands-on play through physical game pieces while onscreen engagement keeps children excited to learn. Here are ways to have a blast with family at Game Night – Thanksgiving edition: 

1. Watch Disney Frozen 2, and play the Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 game

Leading up to the game night you can watch Disney Frozen 2 to get into the spirit of the holiday season. You can continue the animated adventure at home with the Osmo Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 game. Children can be a part of the movie and watch their drawings come to life through instant animation within a movie scene they just watched. This creative game builds fine motor skills and encourages a healthy sense of imagination. 

2. Thanksgiving Word Games 

You can use the Osmo Genius Words game to load pictures of thanksgiving related objects such as the Thanksgiving turkey, pumpkin pie, cornucopia and more. Children can then try and guess the object guess the name of the object. Osmo Genius Words game builds essential pre-reading skills, and enhances their vocabulary. Plus, it’s fun for adults too!

3. Thank People in Writing (or by Drawing)

Image credit: 3rdgraderocksfv

Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to thank all those who made your life better over the past year. With the Osmo Genius Masterpiece game you can draw your own Thanksgiving greeting card or thank you note by tracing a virtual outline of an image on paper. Thanksgiving can be a great occasion to practice gratitude in one’s life, which might lead to more a positive mindset in children. 

Children can also draw Thanksgiving decorations with the Osmo Genius Masterpiece game, tracing on-screen outlines on paper. Kids will benefit from pre-drawing and pre-writing skills by playing this game. 

Thanksgiving can be an occasion for your family to come together and celebrate the life they’re living. Parents can spark a lifelong interest in learning in their children during the holiday season through fun games for kids. This thanksgiving get your children learning with Osmo learning systems!