Educational Learning Games featuring Drawing Activities for your Preschool Kid

October 23, 2019 / Parent Resources

Have you ever had trouble with your children drawing on walls which just won’t wash off? While drawing on the living room wall is not ideal, there are several ways to encourage your children’s drawing activities. Providing them with art supplies, sketches to draw, and a dedicated space at home to practice drawing will channel their artistic tendencies productively.  

Children often use drawing  to express themselves when it is hard to articulate what they are thinking and how they feel. As such, drawing is an integral part of children’s development as it encourages their creativity and imagination while enhancing their fine motor skills. 

In the age of touchscreen, you should take steps to ensure children don’t lose touch with pencils and crayons while still staying on top of current technology. The feel of a pencil on paper is always an essential part of the drawing experience, and complementing this with digital technology is bound to enhance learning. Drawing helps children learn by the following ways: 

Fostering creativity and imagination

Drawing lets children communicate with others in a creative manner, without the need for an extensive vocabulary and gestures. Osmo Creative Set enables the use of digital media while retaining the awesome power of physical drawing tools. Osmo Monster, part of the Osmo Creative Set, lets children explore their imagination by drawing anything from a magic wand and magic moon to an entire bedroom set. These objects are then incorporated into Mo’s actions such as a magic show, setting up a bedroom, or going on an adventure through a spooky forest. 

Honing Fine Motor Skills

Drawing will require children to grip a pencil or crayon and hence develop their fine motor skills. This will serve as a great precursor to writing which will require the same fine motor skills. Drawing also requires excellent hand-eye coordination which is needed when writing as well. Osmo Masterpiece lets children draw amazing shapes by tracing a virtual outline appearing on a screen onto paper. This lets them hone their fine motor skills through drawing and build confidence in their ability to draw.

Helping Gain Spatial Awareness

Drawing introduces children to spatial awareness while making outlines of people or things in the right proportion to each other. This is an effective way to gain spatial awareness as children will have to plan the size/proportion of the objects/people in their drawing in relation to each other. Osmo Genius Newton lets children use drawn lines to redirect on-screen rolling balls into wheels and balloon targets to score. This way they will know the right amounts of space and inclination between lines to get the incoming balls to hit target zones. Children can learn creative problem solving here, where there can be more than one way to solve a problem. 

Drawing skills are interconnected to various developmental milestones for children. Parents on their part can provide a conducive environment for nurturing artistic tendencies, and set aside time in their schedule at home for the same. Educational learning games for kids such as the Osmo Creative Set focused on drawing can go a long way in enhancing children’s development. Drawing aids in the creative as well as problem solving aspects of children’s development, paving the way for balanced development for the child.