Educational iPad Games for this Halloween

October 29, 2019 / DIY & Printable

The fall season brings us colourful foliage that covers the streets, and the first holiday after the start of the school term – Halloween! All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween was historically celebrated to mark the end of the harvest season and brace for the upcoming winter. This time was considered to blur the line between the living and the dead and invoke spirits and ghostly apparitions. 

The best part about Halloween for children is the candy. Parents end up giving children a free hand in hauling as much as they can. ‘Trick or Treat’ ing is a chance for children to cut loose and patrol the neighborhood for candy. Parents can channel some of that festive energy into getting children learning. While it may be challenging to hold your child’s attention, the right learning game can make all the difference in getting their undivided attention.  

Learning this Halloween can be Scary Fun

Halloween is the season for candy and costumes and children will be excited about their Trick or Treat candy run in the evening. Educational games during the day on Halloween might make for a fun indoor activity that also adds to their developmental skills such as cognitive and social-emotional skill sets. 

Osmo learning systems include fun iPad games that can be personalized according to children and their learning needs. Osmo Genius Words game has children learning to spell by naming interesting images. You can use Halloween themed images such as famous horror movie characters, or objects such as pumpkins and candy. Your children can build their vocabulary while revisiting what they love most about Halloween. 

Osmo Genius Masterpiece game lets children channel their inner artist by letting them trace a virtual outline onto paper. Parents can use a spooky carved pumpkin, or delicious Halloween candy to get children drawing. If you are looking to improve the fine motor skills of your children and build their penmanship, it is a great way to get the ball rolling. 

Using educational learning games for kids and garnishing it with Halloween holiday spirit might just get your children into the habit of learning for fun. Factoring in your children’s interest is a great way to keep them learning during the holidays.

Here are some coloring sheets and masks for your kid this Halloween!