Educational Games Are Great Learning Tools for Your Preschool Child

April 21, 2021 / Parent Resources

Children love anything entertaining. Almost all parents have had to pry their preschool children away from cartoons more than once. The audio-visual aspect of digital media can be entertaining, but when there’s a certain level of interactivity involved, children get to learn core skills as well. To help your child learn effectively, you could introduce them to games that are both engaging and educational. Osmo’s educational games for kids blur the line between learning and fun, where kids feel interested enough to put in the effort to play the game while learning crucial subjects like math, science, and art.

Here are a few aspects of children’s development and how our pre k learning games can help with their development:

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to the way children perceive and process the world around them. It includes information processing, intelligence, reasoning, language development, and memory. Games are a natural way to sharpen children’s cognitive abilities. They let children develop their reasoning and problem-solving abilities through challenging gameplay.

Osmo’s Stories game in the Little Genius Starter Kit is an educational games for preschool that take on the role of an adventurer. As the character, children will have to think on their feet to complete amazing quests, overcome obstacles, and learn reasoning and abstract thinking while having a lot of fun! 

Speech and Language Development

Research has shown that children are born with the ability to differentiate between every phoneme (distinct unit of sound) across any language. Children lose this ability with time and are able to identify a limited number of phonemes according to the language spoken at home or native language. This means children have an inbuilt ability to comprehend and converse in any language right from the start. Osmo’s interactive educational games for preschool aid your child’s language development through engaging gameplay.

In Osmo’s ABCs game, children are swept into the magical world of letters, where Mo the friendly Monster interacts with your child to help them build letters out of soft, squishy sticks and rings. You can count on this pre k learning games to teach your child phonetics and sharpen their reading skills in no time!

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development entails the ability to comprehend other’s feelings, regulate their own emotions and get along with others. Children who are well-developed in this regard will be able to build and sustain relationships with others and display empathy an online preschool learning.  

Osmo’s Costume Party game in the Little Genius Starter Kit is a fun pre k learning games that lets children play dress-up virtually. This is a game that hones your child’s social and emotional development while enabling them to learn about colors, facial expressions, and problem-solving skills!

Physical Development (Fine Motor Skills)

Fine motor skills involve using the smaller muscles in the children’s hands. These are essential for children to learn how to write and perform daily tasks that require a precision grip on this pre k learning games. Tasks that require fine motor skills include zipping up and doing buttons while dressing up, using cutlery while feeding oneself, and more. These skills help children perform everyday tasks on their own, building their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Osmo’s Squiggle Magic game in the Little Genius Starter Kit is an educational games for preschool lets children build people and animals and watch them come to life onscreen! Children are prompted to build either a character or an animal using bendy sticks and rings. Their creation is then pulled onto the screen!

The right games can make all the difference when it comes to how kids view learning. Once kids learning becomes fun, it doesn’t become a chore!
Educational games for preschool can be highly effective when they include physical game pieces that enable hands-on play. This is why Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit is great to get children to learn language, reasoning, problem-solving, and a lot more. The Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad is available at your closest Target store. You can also buy it online at