Educational Games to Help Kids with Reading Comprehension

February 19, 2020 / Parent Resources

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand and interpret what you read. It is an essential skill that everyone needs throughout their lives. Kids will gain a lot from working on reading comprehension at an early age. Here are some innovative reading strategies you can help your kids learn reading fluently:

Conversation as a learning tool

Research has shown that talking increases reading comprehension and fluency and that spoken language is a good indicator of reading skill. Kids who understand more spoken vocabulary words are often better at reading comprehension and that’s why it is important to have conversations with your kid. Either it is about your day or their day, kids love to talk and the more they do, the better their reading comprehension gets.

Fun word games for kids

You can also use educational games for kids as a learning tool and as a catalyst to reading comprehension. Osmo learning systems include educational games that let children learn through hands-on play. Osmo Genius Words helps children build their vocabulary through fast paced word games. You can upload images that your kid  is interested in, and get them to guess the name of the image. Osmo Little Genius ABCs is an early literacy game that let preschool children learn alphabets and phonics. Kids will have lots of fun filling Mo the Monster’s picture book with words and objects. 


Reading with your kid is a great bonding activity and can also increase their reading comprehension. You can start with picture books with your preschool kid. For older kids, you can take turns reading, or even give them incentive for reading more by themselves.  Either it’s you reading to your kid or reading together, your kid’s vocabulary will grow. 

Whether it is reading to your kids at bedtime, conducting fun spelling games for kids or engaging them in a meaningful conversation, as long as your kids enjoy it, it’s a great activity. This way, they will have fun reading and increase their reading comprehension along the way..

Here’s a fun game for you to play with your kid. Can you answer the questions based on what you see?