Educational Games for 1st Graders to Beat Distraction

March 19, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Young minds tend to get distracted easily. As parents, it could be challenging to get kids to focus on studies. Osmo offers exciting educational games for 1st graders that help little ones remain focused and help beat distractions.

Find out how these fun iPad games can prove to be amazing educational toys for 6-year-olds –

Think With Shapes – Tangram: Educational Games for First Graders

Kids are often curious about several things. They are always eager to understand why things are the way they are. Osmo’s Tangram is one of such fun learning games for 1st graders that develops a child’s natural curiosity. The game also improves divergent thinking and spatial thinking skills.

As your little one matches puzzle pieces with on-screen shapes, there develops a feeling of accomplishment. While your child’s cognitive abilities are heightened, they remain free from all distractions. Your search for the perfect educational games for 1st graders now ends with us!

Become an English Vocabulary Master – Words

Vocabulary building games for kids will help them gain a better understanding of the world. It will also improve their reading and listening skills and make them better communicators. A online learning games for 1st graders from Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit, Words, helps kids master the English language by associating images with their meaning.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your child engrossed and focused, Osmo’s school games for kids are a good way to go. These will keep young minds stimulated and enable them to learn outside the classroom.

Learn the Basics of Physics – Newton: Online Learning for 1st Graders

Kids might barely manage to stifle a yawn when they hear about physics. As intimidating as it sounds, physics can prove to be extremely interesting to your little ones. Newton introduces the concept of acceleration in the most engaging way possible. 

Use Osmo’s best learning toys – such as tangram pieces and number tiles – as props to direct on-screen balls into target zones. This is a great online learning for 1st graders to awaken inbuilt cognitive skills and train your kids to remain free from distractions.

Hone Artistic Skills – Masterpiece

Have you noticed your kids getting restless? Masterpiece is one such fun learning games for 1st graders that can keep young minds active while keeping distractions at bay. As your child takes a picture of something, Osmo’s interactive drawing tool creates an outline of it for them to draw on paper perfectly.

Most games for young children are effective if they’re interactive. Osmo’s Starter Kit games are all interactive and educational and cater to each kid’s skillset.

Solve Math Problems With Ease – Numbers: Fun Learning Games for 1st Graders

Learning math can do wonders for a young restless mind. Having a solid understanding of math concepts can help e learning for kids to concentrate and build cognitive and problem-solving skills. Even though teaching kids how to add, subtract, and multiply can be a task, number games for kids makes it easier.

Math can be super fun with the help of educational games for 1st graders that encourage hands-on play and take the fear out of figures!

We know that it could be challenging to keep kids calm and free from any diversion. Young minds are always on the lookout for adventure and excitement. These interactive games blend learning and fun to get rid of distractions and keep your kids attentive.