Ring in Easter with Fun Activities and Educational Games for kids

March 15, 2021 / Parent Resources

Easter is right around the corner and it’s time to whip out those fun easter activities for kids at home to get into the spirit of things. You can use fun activities and educational games for kids to ensure that you spend quality time at home. 

Easter Egg Hunt 

What better way to celebrate Easter than with a time-honored Easter egg hunt! Get your kids scrambling for some treats with the Easter egg hunt. You can even do one in your backyard.

Potato Stamps 

You can cut potatoes and paint the surfaces to use them as stamps with your kids. The masterpiece would be the best decoration for your kids’ room.

Easter Egg Decoration

You and your kids can have endless fun with drawing, painting and even using stickers to decorate Easter eggs. This can be a great way to bring about creativity in your kids!

Here are some great Easter egg patterns for you to decorate your Easter Eggs

Festive Paper Craft

Another great way to celebrate is to use colored craft paper to make interesting shapes such as a bunny, candy and more. Cutting paper in amazing shapes is another great way to build fine-motor skills for kids.

Fun educational games

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Educational games can get your kids to develop their imagination and cognitive skills. Osmo learning systems encourage hands-on learning while keeping kids engaged with instant feedback. 

Osmo Explorer Starter Kit includes interactive educational games which lets kids learn through hands-on play. Kids can have loads of fun playing games that teach core subjects like math and science along with coding and drawing games. Fast paced math and word challenges through Numbers and Words games will build numeracy and literacy skills. Also, Coding Awbie will build fundamental coding skills, and the Monster game will build a healthy imagination, creative confidence and drawing skills.

Try these fun activities and games with your kids and get your kids learning with Osmo this Easter!