Easter 2021: Fun Indoor Games to Play with the Family

March 11, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

The ongoing pandemic might make it a little difficult for us to celebrate Easter 2021 in full swing, but we could still make it special with this list of fun Easter activities to do at home.

Egg Hot Potato

A great way to celebrate Easter in 2021 is by playing a game of “hot potato” with an Easter egg! All you have to do is play some Easter music in the background while kids pass the egg around like it’s a hot potato. The aim is for them to only stop passing it around when the music stops! The person holding the hog when the music stops needs to do a funny dance.

Pin the Bunny Tail

Here’s another fun activity to try during the 2021 Easter holidays. For this game, first, print out a few pictures of you and your family. Next, gather a few cotton balls (because they look like a bunny’s tail!).

Then, blindfold your child and let them attach a cotton ball to a picture of themselves on the right spot! 

You could also use Osmo’s Masterpiece to create a simple sketch of the kids. With its interactive drawing tool, you can draw anything you like and Osmo brings it to life on screen!

Bunny Hop

For this activity, take a few pillowcases and have your child decorate those with any Easter decor they want. Once they’re done, let them stand in a line, with their feet inside the pillowcases, and hop to reach the finish line. Whoever reaches first, wins! This could be one of the most fun Easter activities to do at home.

Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to celebrate Easter in 2021 is by conducting an indoor Easter egg hunt. In this game, every plastic egg your child finds consists of a clue that leads them to another plastic egg with another clue until finally, they earn their reward – which is basically yet another egg, but this time with a small prize inside! (maybe a tiny toy or candy?)

Test your child’s scavenging skills with Osmo’s Detective Agency game! Not only are kids finding clues, but they’re also virtually traveling around the world while busting villainous thieves! 

Guess How Many

Ask every family member to collect a few jelly beans in bags. The aim is for everyone to estimate the number of jelly beans in each bag! You could also test your child’s math skills with this Easter math games for kids. For example, you could say something like “I have 5*2 candies” or “I have 7+3 candies”, and so on!

For digital-physical math games, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard series!

We hope you like these Easter events for kids! Don’t forget to shop our wide range of learning games before you leave our website.