Early Learning Online Games For Kids That Teach Life Skills

March 23, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

“Is my child equipped with the necessary skills to face the world?” is a question that pops up in every parent’s mind. Here are some of Osmo’s online games for kids that teach life skills and make your little one ready for the real world.

The Basics of Communication: Learning Games for Kids

Teaching your little one about the building blocks of literacy is crucial to developing life skills. Osmo’s ABCs is a early learning games for kids from the Little Genius Starter Kit that teaches your child the basics of communication by introducing them to letters and new words in fun ways. With Mo’s guidance at each step, your kids will gain the confidence to communicate effectively! Rest easy knowing that Osmo’s early learning games blur the lines between learning and fun.

The Ability to Think Creatively: Early Learning Games

Looking for pre-k early learning games that instill creativity? Osmo’s Squiggle Magic encourages innovative thinking by enabling little hands to create anything using squishy sticks and rings! When kids hone their creativity, they gain the necessary skills to solve problems and generate new ideas. Early childhood games and activities are effective when they can equip children with skills outside the classroom.

Learning How to Empathize: Early Learning Games Online

If your little one is able to understand others’ emotions and identify with them, they gain the emotional intelligence required to face the real world. In Costume Party, your child will learn how to identify facial expressions and social-emotional cues as they dress up animated characters for a party. Choosing the right children’s early learning games for 3-year-olds must involve choosing games that promote empathy and good mental health.

Being Resilient and Coping With Setbacks: Learning Games for Kids

Fun educational learning games for kids are those that make learning fun and teach kids good sportsmanship. In order to face the real world, kids need to be resilient and cope with setbacks. Stories is a game from Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit that makes your child think of ways to overcome obstacles and set a story in motion. Beyond honing critical thinking and problem-solving activities for kids, which helps in engaging game also gives a sense of self-control through hands-on learning.
It is possible to incorporate these life skills into your child’s daily routine and prepare them to take on challenges in life. Osmo’s learning games for kids promise to equip children with life skills that transform how they learn.