Early Learning Games That Develop Preparedness Skills in Kids

April 7, 2021 / Company News

Kids learn best through play. These pretend-play early learning games help kids prepare themselves for any emergencies and situations!

Lights Out!: Early Learning Games

Do your kids freak out during a storm? It is quite likely for the power to go out during times like these, causing chaos and panic at home. You could prepare them for such a situation by turning off the lights and preparing them for a power outage drill beforehand. This could be a great way to spend quality time with loved ones. You could cook supper by the fireplace, read a book under a flashlight, and try not to open your fridge (like how you would if it was a real-life situation!) during this ‘power outage’. Maybe play early learning games of Osmo’s educational iPad games too!

Picnic Time: Early Learning Games Online

Planning for a picnic can be tiresome and time-consuming. A great way to prepare your kids for a picnic is by having one indoors! Instruct them to not take longer than 30 minutes to pack their bags, fill water bottles, and calculate how much food they would need for, say, a 2-day picnic. You could also quickly toast some bread and take help from your kids as you do it! Preparing a checklist might help you organize things that need to be packed. Don’t forget to include Osmo’s creative games an early learning games online on your checklist!

Color this image of a picnic:

Talking to Strangers: Early Games

It’s every parent’s nightmare to lose their child in a crowded mall while shopping. For situations like these, it’s always better to prepare them to interact with strangers so they can find their way back to you with ease. A good way to do this is by having them go to a nearby store and buy some gum or candy, or walk up to a stranger and ask for the time. These simple tasks an early games for kids will help your them feel more comfortable while talking to people. 

First Aid Kit: Early Learning Games

For this early learning games activity, you could enact a skit, pretend you’ve scraped your knee, and ask your kids what they would do if they were in such a situation. Once you’ve established when to visit a doctor, you could teach them about the basics of first aid. First, teach them what constitutes a first aid kit. Then, you could use soft toys as your patients and practice using bandages and slings on them! 

Color this image of a first aid kit!

Where’s Home? Phonics Games Early Years

Is your child familiar with giving directions? This is a great way to improve your child’s directional skills an phonics games early years. In the unlikely event of your child wanting to come home early after school, they would need to hitch a ride home and give the driver accurate directions. The next time you go on a stroll with your little one, they could pretend to be a tour guide who wants to welcome you home! This would need them to give directions along the way.
We hope you enjoy playing these early learning games with your family. We also offer a wide range of phonics games early years an STEM activities for kids and interactive learning toys that your little genius will love!