DIY-Easy Father’s Day Crafts

June 11, 2021 / DIY & Printable

Handmade creations always go a long way, don’t they? Dad will definitely love these easy DIY Father’s Day crafts for kids!

Best Dad Trophy

Materials required: a big piece of cardboard, scissors, black paint, white paper, glue

If you’re looking for Father’s Day craft ideas, we’ve got an awesome one for you. For this activity, you’ll need to first draw the outline of a trophy on your cardboard. Then, use your scissors to cut it out. Paint the trophy black (We think this is the best color option!) and you’re pretty much done. Finally, write down “World’s Best Dad” on white paper and stick it to the trophy. You could even decorate it further using pom poms and even popsicle sticks!

Rock Paperweights

Materials required: rocks, glue, cardstock, scissors, black marker

Let dad know he “rocks” with these adorable DIY Father’s Day crafts! All you need to do is design your rocks using black markers. You could draw the hair, eyes, nose, and mustache on the rocks. And then, draw a tie on your cardstock, cut it out, and stick that onto the rock too! You could even write a sweet Father’s Day note on your handmade creation.

LEGO Memory Jar

Materials required: LEGOs, black markers

Here’s one of the most simple Father’s Day crafts dad will love. First, write down various activities on different LEGO bricks. These activities should be connected with some of the best memories shared with dad. For example, if you’ve been bowling with dad, write down “bowling” on a LEGO brick, and so on. The aim is to let dad know that you remember and cherish those memories. He could even pick a brick at random and you both could recreate that memory once again!

Paper Rolls

Materials required: Paper rolls, buttons, paint, googly eyes, black marker, scissors, glue, paintbrush, colored craft paper

Another of the greatest Father’s Day crafts is this one! To begin with this activity, first color your paper rolls in 3 layers. The first one is for the hair, the second for the face, and the last for the shirt. Right below the hair, stick your googly eyes. And then complete your masterpiece by adding a tie or mustache (use your craft paper to make these!). Lastly, use your black marker to draw a smile.

So if Pops isn’t quite sure what he wants for Father’s Day, our list of Father’s Day crafts might come in handy! Try these and let us know how he liked them.

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